Nemo Equipment Victory Picnic Outdoor Blanket (XL Model)

I picked up a Nemo Equipment blanket with a waterproof underside and a soft felt-like top for outdoor concerts, lounging in a park or at the beach and perfect for car camping. It’s huge. It has corner loops that you can peg down to keep in one place. It rolls up nice. It’s 7 feet by 7 feet… but I’m going to measure it since it seems bigger since I’m 6″1′ and it seems like a 10 x 10 to me. It’s a great quality blanket.

I’m buying a van in a couple of weeks and I picked it up for the van to be an outdoor carpet as well as bringing to lounge on in the summer at parks or a campsite.

I picked it up for $149 down from $199.

2025 JSDOITontheRoad | North American Roadtrip

With planning a 6-month hike with my Daughter for 2023… I needed something to do with my Son after he finishes High School… so I thought this would be a fun thing to plan for and save up for. We will launch a website and some socials for it over the next little while. I’m sure we will build it all inside Roadtrippers but have not paid the fee to allow us to expand our trips.

So right now we have some legs of the trip with the general direction here using the Road Trippers App.

We are building a website for our trip. You can click on the image below to jump over to it. It’s a work in progress as of March 2022

WanderWith.Me | Roadtrip Across The World

An overland odyssey, of dust, snow, and distant shorelines, capturing moments of life and landscapes, cameras, prime lenses, weathered journals and rain soaked musings, inspirations, lyrics and poetry. Head and heart given to the road, the mysterious and ever unfolding unknown.” WanderWith.Me”

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Hit the Tiny Blog for the full post.   What a great vehicle and way to explore the world.  Inspiring.