Beach Industries Tombstone Toolbox

In 1949, Russ Beach started a company in Smiths Falls, Ontario making metal toolboxes.  He began with only 12 employees but by the 1980’s Beach Industries Limited had become Canada’s largest metal box manufacturer, with 200 employees and sales of over $20 million.  Beach toolboxes found their way into the catalogues of Canadian Tire, Sears and Eaton’s and from there into workshops all over the country.  The company made more than toolboxes:  their offerings included various kinds of metal boxes.

In 1987, Mr. Beach turned 77 and sold his company to Stanley Tools, the Connecticut tool giant, which lost no time in taking down the Beach Industries Sign which had stood at the plant entrance for almost 40 years.

Now I own one 😉

I’m going to fix three dents in mine. I’m going to use it as a big junk drawer.

When you open it up… it opens up to the underneath compartment. This basically replaces the top drawer of my dresser and also what would be on and inside my bedside table. It’s a mishmash of old sentimental items.

Some of my Dad’s luggage tags and patches. Some special rocks, wrist cheapy bracelets, an old wedding ring, my extra bike lock key and my grandma and my mom’s old sewing thimble.
An inspirational beaver from LMI, and my grandpa’s old pocket knife along with some smaller pocketknife.

Below is it opened up fully.

From Left to Right: sunglass chums, fountain pen in a box, my older iPod touch with my passport on top. Down below in the red is my voodoo with my tape measure, our camping lego men of my daughter and myself, and a black box with old business cards and old plastic cards. Down below is my travel and personal journals and a whack of stuff. I’ll snap some photos of some items and provide a little story on some.

I’ll do a deeper dive at some of the things inside this goofy treasure chest soon…

Summer 2022: What’s Up…

Hey! What’s up?

Busy… busy on this side. My Dad’s estate hopefully wraps up this month and the transfer of his house to my sister-in-law is turning into a shit show. No idea how the relationship with my late brother’s kids will turn out. The way it is now… it’s not looking good.

I’m making a little film about the life of my parents and a bit of our family tree. Hopefully, that will be done this month.

I’ve had to move out of the apartment I rented from a friend. So thankful to Shelly for renting her basement out to me. I’ll miss Ginger and Sophie a little 🙂

I’m transitioning right now to see where I want to live to help me with my goals of saving for the trip with my daughter and also with my son the following year.

With the proceeds from the house, I’m going to buy a Van to convert into a little camper.

With the outdoor free music concerts here in Peterborough, it’s been nice to go sit outside and enjoy an evening concert. I need some more concerts to meet my goal of 30.

I’m now going to try and knock some things off my list of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days.

I’m going to sign back up to Fit4Less for September. I cancelled my membership when Covid happened.

It was nice to take my Son to a Blue Jay game and to housesit a nice doggy in Ajax that had a hot tub to relax in.

Spoons Concert on Canada Day at the Peterborough MusicFest
Excellent show by the Spoons from Toronto.
Sam Roberts Band was excellent and again another night out on the blanket enjoying the evening sunset and dusk.
Bowie Lives was also really good even though I’m not a fan of David Bowie. This band was great on stage. Really nice summer night on the blanket.
Shit tons of people for the Strumbella’s at Peterborough Musicfest.
The Strumbellas on Aug 10th at Musicfest.

On the east side of Frankford in Quinte West… stopped at “What’s Your Scoop” and got a two-scoop cone. Jesus… it was like 7 scoops!!!

Sorry for the brief update, but just trying to enjoy the summer and get my life sorted out with a place to live. I’m minimizing some stuff I have which is nice and also picking up some great gear that I need and want.

I picked up a little $70 projector from Amazon so it’s nice to hook up to a laptop and watch on the wall or a bedsheet. I need to knock some movies off my wishlist.

Enjoy the summer! I’m looking forward to making some little films and maybe starting a little vlog again. I kind of miss that.

Did some housesitting with a cute doggy in Ajax. Kids came over and we enjoyed the hot tub till the wee hours of the evening! Went a little nuts using uber eats for a couple of days.


Dan The Man

In Progress: 7 out of 101 – In Progress: Make a documentary film of my family tree

With the death of my Father back in November of last year… the sale of his house to my sister-in-law is turning into a shit show.

When I was in Nova Scotia, I started on a project to make a little film of the lives of both my parents. It’s about 30 min’s long and needs to be cut down and other parts added to it. The last part of it is the legacy of his house which is turning into a shit show as of now. More on that later.

I’ll finish this film and post it on YouTube when it’s done. I’m sure about the house part I’ll spin it into a smaller movie.

Above: Is still one of the best images taken. Love it so much.

This post will be updated with more information and a backstory soon…

Completed: 88 of 101 – Purchase another bottle of Theirry Mulger – Angel

When I worked at Fidelity Investments in 1997, a woman I worked with wore this stuff and she had a 3ft forcefield around her that smelled wonderful. At that time, you could only get it at The Bay in Toronto. I bought some in 2002 and also bought some online.

I’ve wanted to get another bottle so after a bottle of scent ran out that I had been using… I ordered some online for myself and it’s nice to have this scent back in the rotation.

#10 of 101 | See 30 Live Concerts Over 1001 Days


The Rural Alberta Advantage w/ Wilderness Of Manitoba + Matthew Barber / Peterborough Folk Festival
The Paper Kites w/ Old Man Canyon | Lee’s Palace
Dan Mangan w/ Royal Wood performing before him. | PTBO Folk Festival above
Dan Mangan at the Hayloft Dancehall in Picton, Ontario.


Goal:  To see thirty bands live over the next 1001 days

Now in 2022… it’s time to see some concerts again and see some bands live.

Artists on my wishlist:  Blondes, Ocie Elliott, Trampled By Turtles, Fruit Bats, Voxtrot, Arkells, Field Guide, The Wombats, Hippo Campus, Dope Lemon, Polica, Kris Orlowski, Stu Larsen, Matt Corby, The Barr Brothers, Leif Vollebeck, Damien Rice, Frank Ocean,  Ry X, Toe, A Blaze Of Feather / Ben Howard, Caamp, Island, Jon and Roy, Khruangbin, Sun Kil Moon, The Tallest Man On Earth, Wild Rivers, First Aid Kit, Bahamas, Daughter, City In Color, Of Monsters And Men, The Decemberists, Colin Meloy, Bear’s Den, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bon Iver, Frank Turner, Japandroids, Lana Del Rey, Leon Bridges, Lord Huron, The Middle East, Mumford & Sons, The National, Oh Wonder, Stars, Tennis, Timber Timbre, Willy Mason, The xx

Completed: 6/30

Sweet summer evenings in Peterborough for concerts on the big blanket.
The Spoons
  • 1) July 1st, 2022 – The Spoons (outdoor summer concert) / Really nice free outdoor concert with this Toronto 80’s Band that sounded so so good.
The Spoons with Jennie
Gowan… not my fave but the old man rocked it out. Great night and sweet to get outside and chill.
  • 2) July 2nd, 2022 – Gowan (outdoor summer concert) / Not a big Gowan fan, but the old dude could still put on a show. For this one, I just enjoyed lying on a blanket on a summer evening.
The Sam Roberts Band
  • 3) July 6th, 2022 – Sam Roberts Band (outdoor summer concert) / Really excellent band and so happy they played Musicfest this summer. Great night out.
Sam Roberts Band
Bowie Lives
  • 4) July 30th, 2022 – Bowie Lives
Alyssa Reid (opener) and Valley
  • 5) Aug 6th, 2022 – Alyssa Reid opening for Valley (Musicfest Outdoor summer concert)
Lots of people out for the Strumbellas at Musicfest
Us on the blanket
  • 6) Aug 10th, 2022 – The Strumbellas (Musicfest Outdoor summer concert)
We went two hours early for the Strumbellas to have pizza and drink some barley pops.

Really Yummy: This is what we ordered and how to make it taste really good.


1st Medium Pizza: WELL DONE, REGULAR THIN CRUST, Chili Peppers, Mozzarella Cheese, Italiano Blend Seasoning, Olive Oil, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, HOME STYLE ITALIAN TOMATO SAUCE (EASY ON THE SAUCE), Red Onions, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Spicy Italian Sausage, 

2nd Medium: WELL DONE, REGULAR THIN CRUST, Bacon Crumble, Mozzarella Cheese, Italiano Blend Seasoning, Olive Oil, HOME STYLE ITALIAN TOMATO SAUCE, New York Style Pepperoni, Red Onions, Roma tomatoes.  DIPPING SAUCE: Cheddar Jalapeno (X2), Creamy Garlic (X2)

  • Aug 20th, 2022 – Bahamas / Murder Murder / I, The Mountain /
  • Aug 21st, 2022 – The Trews

Nemo Equipment Victory Picnic Outdoor Blanket (XL Model)

I picked up a Nemo Equipment blanket with a waterproof underside and a soft felt-like top for outdoor concerts, lounging in a park or at the beach and perfect for car camping. It’s huge. It has corner loops that you can peg down to keep in one place. It rolls up nice. It’s 7 feet by 7 feet… but I’m going to measure it since it seems bigger since I’m 6″1′ and it seems like a 10 x 10 to me. It’s a great quality blanket.

I’m buying a van in a couple of weeks and I picked it up for the van to be an outdoor carpet as well as bringing to lounge on in the summer at parks or a campsite.

I picked it up for $149 down from $199.