Window Selfie


Random Selfie in a window and below is one that I just wanted to shoot to show how scruffy I am before I shaved off the beard from being in Ajax for the week.  Excuse the Hugh Hefner Ball Sacks under my eyes.


My First GIF | And My Second… | Remember… I’m Still Learning!!!

New to this.  I will work it out.  Just my first day at trying to make a GIF.  Here is the first one that was made with a simple app on my phone.  I simply hit record… and captured about 3 seconds and it made it into a GIF.  Super easy to use.  The second one below was made through a free website.  I just trimmed about 5 seconds of video… uploaded it and it made it.  I then saved the file and posted it on the blog.

GIF’s are super interesting to me…   I would like to make a high quality one and one that does not put a watermark on the bottom like the 2nd one.

Very cool…

z first gif



Throwback Sunday | Wedding Day with the Little Beeb

My Brother getting married to Marg.  That’s me hanging on the railing on the right at the bottom.  I was all over.  They had a baby sitter to take me home after so everyone could enjoy themselves.  My Mom called me the Little Beeb.  That was a fun day.  I remember asking my Mom when are we going to the restaurant.  I was hungry.