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Just going through some stuff and found the little card from my Brother’s funeral when I was 18.

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Every December 14th… I think more and more about my Brother.  Today is one of those days.  Today… I have many thoughts and I will return soon and type them out…





23 Years Ago

23 Years Ago… I lost my Brother to Cancer.  He was 36 years old and I was 18 at the time.  It’s a long time ago… but I can remember that point in my life very well.  I had new beginnings happening that I was excited about… but I knew I was going to loose someone that I wanted to know more.  With the age difference… he was out of our house before I could remember things as a little kids.  I do remember snooping through his old room every day… just going through his stuff.

I miss him.  I miss the person and the man and the father figure I didn’t really get a chance to know.  I knew him… but didn’t have time with him that I wanted to.  He was a special guy and I think about him alot.