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In 2014, I posted this Vimeo Staff Pick called “Somewhere in Vietnam” and that started it for me.  Follow that up with Casey’s video called “The Vietnam Notebook”  which he took with his son in 2012 to Vietnam to rent a motorcycle and travel the countryside.  That video made me want to rent motorcycles and travel the countryside and not get killed with my kids and have them expierence a way different culture, beautiful sweet friendly people and eat food that is outside their comfortzone of pasta with butter.

This trip was to happen in the summer of 2020, but with covid… it just fell to the dumpster till the future.  I would love to go soon but I have some saving to do with other trips… so will push it after two big epic trips happen in 2024 and 2025.

With what is happening in the world with the Pandemic virus, it would be wise to push this trip and keep saving for it since I’m planning the following:

– 2023 – Trip to Vancouver, BC to hike for two weeks as a larger PCT Shake Down Hike

– 2024 – 6 Month Thru-Hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with my daughter

– 2025 – 4-6 Month North America Road Trip with my son

So maybe in 2026 can be a month of Vietnam and Thailand. I’m excited to start saving for this trip.

The yummy street food of Hanoi

I thought it would be fun to fly into the old formerly named city of Siagon, which is now called Ho Chi Minh City (map) (Kara & Nate Vlog) and sleep off some jetlag and venture out and see the busy city sights and taste some yummy food. This city is in the south of Vietnam and I thought it would be fun to travel up the coast to Hanoi in the North. We would have to do a sleeper bus for fun and also by train (YouTube Video) & more videos to watch. There are some beach cities along the way to stop and explore. By the time we get to Hanoi in the North, the kids will be a little more settled with the food. Before going on this trip, we need to dine at a Vietnamese and Thai restaurant in Toronto and sample some food and I don’t mean taking a bite. I mean eating 25% of four different dishes and we will do this about 5 times. I’m not going to force them to eat bugs and things on a stick that looks like they are still thinking inside. If you want to watch Kara & Nate’s Vlogs in Vietnam… you can find them here.

So travelling north along to the coast to Hanoi would be fun. Hoi Ann & Hue are two nice spots to explore. In the North, I would like to Hike in the mountains near Sapa before making our way to beautiful Halong Bay for a little cruise and explore the incredible bay and islands.

Vietnam Sleeper Train
Halong Bay above

In Halong Bay, you have to do a little 3-day cruise and visit some of the floating villages in the bay and do some kayaking. Boats will shuttle you to beaches and also take you to some places you can hike and climb up the cliffs on paths to the top to see the views of the bay. I decided to post two Kara & Nate’s Vlogs showing the cruise they took in the Bay to give you an idea of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Then move to Thailand to rent some motorcycles and do a loop in the northern part of Thailand.

We would then fly over to Thailand which is right beside Vietnam to the West. In the North in Chiang Mai. We will rent two motorcycles. Chantal will have one and Noah will be on the back of mine. We will buy and strap a pillow to make it comfortable for Noah. If he is sleepy like he was on our Europe trip then I will tie him to me so he doesn’t fall asleep and fall off.

The hardest part of renting motorcycles is finding our way out of the city and dealing with the crazy traffic which is like the start of a marathon when you get a red light.
If it’s safe for 62 fishy’s and a family of 6 on one… then the 3 of use should be fine on two bikes.
Northern Thailand is not that crazy to ride a bike and this loop should be fine once we are out of the city.

The Mae Hong Son Loop can be done in about 4 days. This trip in total we would need about 3 weeks to do all the things we want to do. Flying there is the most expensive part. Vietnam and Thailand are super affordable for logging, eating and visiting things. After northern Thailand, we will fly down to Bangkok in the south and explore the city before going south to the incredible Thai beaches down near Phuket. Maybe I and the kids should have not watched this movie together. Hopefully, the kids don’t remember the opening scene of the movie (The Impossible from 2012)

After southern Thailand, it would be to fly home through Vietnam or maybe when booking we could come home via Bangkok back to Toronto. All I know is that it would be a wild trip and after taking the kids to Europe for 19 days last August… a trip like this to the other side of the world would be crazy fun and such a great experience for them and myself. I already have a Trip Planning Book all set for this trip to fill with ideas and information.

If you want to watch Kara & Nates Travel Vlogs filmed in Thailand… you can view them here.

In Progress | 35 of 101 | Knock My Movie List Down to 300 Titles & Review 700 Movies | Flicks w/ Chips + Dips

As of March 2022 my Watch List on IMDB has a total of 471 movies and the total movies rated on IMDB is 492.

This is the first task in my 101 Things To Do In A 1001 Days which I have over two years left to complete to get my list down to 300 titles.  I will do this one.  My goal is a movie every 2-3 days.  My list grows as I add titles and sometimes I take a couple away if I’ve gone completely cold on a title and would never click to watch it online.

Just wanted to have a spot where I could list some of the movies that I want to see. I like to ask people for some recommendations and I stick them in Evernote to keep track of. I will have to set it up better and bring some to the top and focus on those first.

Here is a list that will grow of some of the movies that I want to watch.

To see my FULL WATCHLIST on IDMb, you can visit it here.


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In Progress | #8 of 101 | Read Left To Right + Flip Pages | 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

One thing that I’ve wanted to do is read books.  Over the years… I’ve purchased a couple of Basketball books that I’ve wanted to read when I have time.  One thing that I’ve never really done is read.  I should.  Why don’t I start now.




Start Date:  August 1st, 2022

I’ve wanted to read this book for quite some time and I’m going to throw it in the mix right away. I’m sure it will be a quick read and I’ll add my thoughts right here after I read it. If you want to borrow it from me… let me know. I have a PDFx version I can forward to you and you can read it on an iPad using iBooks.

Books That Are Next On Deck:

Updating my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Sorry for the limited updates over the past two years. Ok… it’s time to get things back on track. I’m in the process of updating my list. Making it expire before my 2024 thru-hike I plan to do with my daughter will last 6 months. Then after that… I can start a new list.

I have some entries that I need to think of still and add to my list. I need to blog more… so this list will allow me to make some blog posts of things I want to do and it will give me the opportunity to blog them after they are marked completed. I’m going to make this blog work better and help me to plan and document things.

They all don’t have to be epic. They can be simple. It simple as connecting with an old friend or a restaurant to try or a simple day trip somewhere that I’ve been meaning to get off my ass and explore.

You can view my list of 101 Things: HERE

You should make a list also. (just saying)

All you have to do is get some paper. I’m sure it will take you about 5 days with little pockets of time writing down things and ideas. Maybe you will think of 130 things. Maybe 90 and you will keep 11 spots open to add later.

TIP: Think of categories: Health, Family, Kids, Finding/Keeping Love, Money, Minimalism, Around the house, day trips, bigger trips, Food, Journaling, Gratitude, Work, Organization and pets. If you have some categories you can think of small things or big things and put them into categories.

If you make a list and want to share it. Please do! Message me and share it. You can set up a free WordPress blog by signing up and creating one and you can have your list there and you can blog about each one that you complete. It’s fun. It’s how this blog started in 2012 when I created my first list and started blogging to bookmark things on this quirky, silly blog.

Quarterly Updates Have Been Tardy: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Am I late in typing that? ok from this point forward… no capital letters. How’s it going? is covid gone? restrictions are lifting so I’m guessing this summer will be fun. presently my life is shifting which is exciting. but before that… let’s talk about sadness. my dad passed this past nov. .. I keep wanting to call him and catch up with him. with his passing… he is (the photo collage above this… top left… from the left… my dad, my brother who passed when he was 36 and also my mom who passed before my dad a number of years ago. there is little me… and marg with “the look”. my dad’s estate is wrapping up over the next couple of months. marg thinks his house is hers since she said my dad said she can live there. in the process of moving the house to her and it’s starting to feel like a shit show. my two nieces blocked me. if my dad was alive… what would he say? what would my brother say? will see how it plays out. based on the first two months of the year… not good on that front. i have a little film to wrap up and publish.

ok, new year… new dreams. yes still thinking and planning the big hike. we had to move it to 2024 since my daughter told me incorrectly that she was in a 3-year program. so we are a little over 700 days away from a 6-month hike. the podcast that we created is picking up. we have interviewed guests and that has been fun.

kids are good. chantal is working lots and going out with friends. can’t believe she is 21 in march. noah is also good and just plugging through high school. harder semester for him right now and like any kids his age… there is socializing via online video games with his peeps. the mom is taking them to england to visit family so I’m excited for them to travel moe on a plane and see the world.

right now… i rent a basement from a friend which has been great for both of us. this summer my goal is to get a van to make a little camper van. not sure if it will be the one for our planned road trip in 2025 for a couple of months… but it might be just a stepping stone. with it… it opens up more camping and hiking with little road trips around Ontario. i created a side blog to document our trip. i will add content to it over the next month.

the spotify playlist game is still strong. it’s nice to create so many playlists for different moods for myself and share them with friends. so much great music out there.

down 30 pounds. let’s see what the next quarter brings

inspired by the 3rd viewing of Anthony bourdain’s doc called roadrunner that I made a little film about my desire in wanting to take the kids to vietnam and thailand. some of my dad’s house money will get invested into a trip to vietnam and thailand to show the kids the other side of the world. that trip was going to happen in 2020 after getting back from our 2019 trip to Europe… we had to go away again. so I’ll have to get the kids to invest in some stocks for that trip.

so need to work extra hard to help save for our 6-month hike, big road trip and then a trip to the other side of the world. so this summer will be a couple of patios… some cheap tuesday movies… some outdoor tennis and basketball, some hiking and camping… slow drinks on a patio… and some exploring trips into Toronto and some swimming. i need to sell my road bike and maybe get another… some midnight bike rides flying around streets in the summer are also fun.

thanks for reading. no idea who would. appreciate the grace with capital letters