Passenger | Coins In A Fountain & Two More ;)


June 10th has his new album is released.  I will snag it up on iTunes.  Love Mike and his music is calming and reflective.

Here is a new song from his new Album called Coins In A Fountain above.

I’m On Fire from Bruce is above that was shot in April with him busking in Sydney.

Last is another one from the new album… called Rolling Stone… which is “ear goodness”


Enjoy the day and what it brings you!

Passenger | Scare Away The Dark | Sweet Song


tumblr_mxumiaKNnr1r7vaewo1_500Photo Above: The talented Jarrad Seng

Love this new song.  It was great to hear it for the first time last summer at his concert in Toronto.  Such a great artist.  He really hits my insides with thought.  Super nice guy.  Super happy for him.  His new album comes out on June 10th.

Passenger | Heart’s On Fire | Film by Jarrad Seng


Written by Jarrad Seng:

at the start of the year Passenger asked me to film the official video for Hearts on Fire, the first single of the new record. now, I’m used to working on little acoustic clips with very basic concepts because frankly… I’ve never really known that much about film. I haven’t studied it at all and I’ve been on many *actual* music video/film sets and seen how much equipment, knowledge and manpower it takes to run a real production.

so at first I tried to convince him that it was too big a deal and he should get a proper film crew in to work on it. all I’ve ever had is my little DSLR. but mike had faith that we could make something special just by filming the way we always do… with a simple idea, one camera and a bunch of mates. so we did. and I think we might have just pulled it off. so thank you Mike for trusting me when I didn’t even trust myself…

and thank you to the tiny crew I pulled together, all of whom I found through Instagram – Emma Duckworth for styling the set and bringing my fairy forest wonderland vision to life, Erica East for spending three days in the forest with me looking for locations and, at the last minute starring as the elusive lady in the clip.. thank you Sherri Young for coming along to help out (I think we rang you on the day??) and to Uncle Cam for stealing the show as future Mike. and of course to Hannah and Dan from IE for all the help (especially the heroic pilgrimage through the pitch black forest back to the van at the end of the night carrying a couple hundred kilos worth of lanterns, lights, ladders and various supplies).

sorry for the long one. just really proud of this clip in particular. this song was the start of my little adventure and friendship with Mike and Stu back in 2011. and I think it reminds me that you don’t always need big cameras and a massive crew to make something special. hope you like it! X



10150600_10152176664033964_4496370951923724529_nAug in Montreal then two night later in Toronto…


Passenger | Whispers | Album Out In June


I fell in love with this song last year when he was busking and someone posted it on YouTube.  It was raw and hit home with the words. Song of the day… enjoy it.  His album will be out in June 2014.  Can’t wait.  You have no idea how much Passenger I listen to in my buds when I’m in the bath, walking and trying to fall asleep.

Passenger | Mike Rosenburg | Music Mixtape | Download

Passenger Mixtape 2nd Cover

1-taken tumblr8

Passenger Mixtape:  Love Passenger.  (Mike Rosenburg).  If you have my mixtapes you will already have some Passenger songs.  This mixtape covers the others.  It will give you a deeper appreciation of his music filled with emotion, hope and hurt.  I have been to two concerts and I’m hooked.

Click HERE to download it


I added 3 bonus songs.  Enjoy!