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#90 Completed | Take my kids and spend the day at the Science Center in Toronto.


Last winter… I took the kids to the Science Center for the day.  I shot mostly video of the day and you can see the clips from the first quarterly video project that I’ve started with now being single and in my new life.  It was a good day.  The kids loved it and we played all day.  Later… we drove into the city and went out to dinner at Marche at BCE Place.  It was a fun day and some place that we need to go again very soon!!!

It’s fun just to watch the kids roam anywhere and they can look and touch everything without a “Don’t Touch!” 😉


Previous 101 List Completed | Went To The Market To Purchase Apple + Came Home With A Roid

On my list of 101 Things… I have purchase a Iphone at #4.  That would be sweet.  When looking to get a phone that is flexible for what I wanted it for… I decided to go to Public Mobile and get a ZTE Android.  It works very well and the plan is flexible allowing me to download the apps I use day to day like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin, Evernote, Tumblr and Instagram.

I’ve never really had a smart phone so this is a big step for me.  The phone is not perfect.

You Might Like This Since Others Have Also Bought | #100 of 101 Things | Completed

One of the things near the bottom of my list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days is to purchase $100 in iTunes and simply go and find artists I’ve never heard about and download some music from them and just keep looking and searching.  Even if it’s 100 different artists with 1 song each.

It was such a fun task.  I would go into the iTunes store and click on different areas of music and just check out what is trending at the moment and then hit an artist and skim through songs.  Some purchases were due to a little 15 second snippet.  So thankful to find some great songs.  I would then check out what other people have bought that would be listed under a certain artist.  So if I found an artist I liked… I could find other artists that are like them.

  I would then add them to playlists on the iPod and simply take it from there and listen to them.  Some songs… I was like… “Why is that not on the radio?  What an awesome song!

I am in the process of trying to list some of the music on a page on the blog.  If you check out “Spinning Inside My Head” you will see the list at the top of the page that lists the artists and click-able links to iTunes for you to purchase or simply watch some of the YouTube videos I posted.



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#63 Completed | Get a credit card with a points/reward system that works for my life. 



I got a RBC Virtual Visa Debit card that is connected to my bank account that allows me to make purchases where Visa is accepted and the money comes out of my bank account instead of credit.  My goal was to get a rewards card…but so far… I have not found one that I really want that makes the most “cents” to get.

tumblr new2

I like the fact that I got rid of my credit card and basically live off what I have.  Live simple.


New Musak Mixtape | Ben Howard Live

This morning I was listening to a Ben Howard concert that I ripped into a MP3 from a YouTube video.  (Ya… awesome to think about!  Pulling audio from free YouTube)

Anyways… I thought of pulling some Ben Howard songs from different concerts into a mixtape.

Ben Howard Live

Click the picture above to download the MP3’s from my Dropbox and you can import them into your iTunes.

You can also click here to download it.

1-ben howard-001

Previous 101 List Completed| Lose The Man Inside The Man

Task: Loose a total of 50 pounds through a sensible long term plan of fitness and proper nutrition.  | Started this Jan 1st, 2012.  As of June 20th, 2012 down 25 pounds + as of Sept 2012 down 48 pounds.  As of November of 2012… I am down 60 pounds.  As of November 2014… I don’t have a clue… but I’ve gained some back.  I’m looking at getting fit this winter at the YMCA.  I’ve also started a Giveit100 project and you can find that in the “LINKS” pull down menu at the top.  My goal is to build muscle this winter and just make my mid section more “straight”.  

This one is a work in progress.  I know that things will go up and down.  I’m in the process of adding muscle to my body in my arms, shoulders and really… anything above the waist.  I will post some pictures soon.  But I’m happy of doing my goal of getting rid of 50 pounds in total since starting in January.

Excuse the scruffy instagram pic above from August of 2014


October of 2014 above.