Who Am I?


that’s a good question. my name is dan and I’m happy with a three letter name. i reside outside of toronto, canada. i grew up in ajax and now my life has pushed me a bit north of the city. i have been reborn outside a 23 year old relationship that has given me two beautiful kids. my daughter is in post-secondary and my son will be following her footsteps to high school next year in Ajax to the same school that i attended.

being on my own has made my life a little blurry… i always have a smile on my face.

things i like in no order: music, coffee, red wine, ben howard, photography, my laptop, women, hollywood redheads, passenger, bon iver, mumford, strumbellas, tiny houses, my camera, mixtapes, freckles, road trips, cafe’s, burgers, salads, movies, instagam, twitter, evernote, ifttt, tennis, raptors, blue jays, downtown toronto, new streets to explore, the rules of a gentleman, sushi, tumblr, blogging, basketball, nike, camping, youtube, love songs, my bike, walking, tents, sleeping bags, facebook, smell of a campfire, grilled cheese, finding new music, spotify playlists, showers, soundhound, long baths with music, doing plan “b” if plan “a” does not work, kissing, black & white photography, MEC, JCrew, smelly candles, old spice swagger, cereal, dr. pepper, did i say freckles?, smiles on people, couchsurfing, kiva, imdb, queen west, king west, cnd women’s soccer + basketball teams, facetime with my kids, “over” app, driving on country roads, dinner out, one second everyday video project,  beer on a patio, making love on the living room floor, sunglasses, smell of perfume, tfc soccer, photographing people in love, the scent of a woman’s skin, making videos of my kids, red rocket street cars in the summer, my kids smiles, day-dreaming, the voices of my children, documenting everything, being positive, cats, dogs, pizza, jordan, connecting with old friends, remembering high school & catching up with old friends, cuddling in tents, hiking, forests, streams, clouds, micro beers, trying new things, driving new roads, hugs, reflection, coffee w/ people, alone time, swimming, playing tag, hide + seek, restaurants, crossing the boarder, quotes, julianne moore, thinking of little miss sweetness, my workout music, flip flops, polica, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, mazda’s, pasta, fireworks, canada’s wonderland, being near water, trail running, jeans and i could type and type and type.

did i say freckles?


when moving into a little apartment on my own in 2012… i got rid of so many things. i lived lighter. i lived without cable television and it didn’t bother me. i started to lose weight and got rid of many of the clothes i used to wear. (i still have a ways to go) I looked at all the things I took with me and thought about what do i really need. yes i have two rubbermaid tubs with some keepsakes that it’s hard for me to part with.

life is a process + a journey.

i have many untold stories. and i know what it’s like to go without things & get rid of things and live simple.

one of the most powerful things i have is my mind. i am so happy with my mind and my thoughts and outlook on life. it never fails me. never lets me down.

i am a positive person that is blessed and so thankful for everything that i have.

i am the type of person that is excited for today. excited for tomorrow.

1-kids tent3

i love being outside. i want my kids to love to explore, learn and discover the world around them + far away. i don’t want them to be stuck playing video games. i want them to have memories. i want them to be kids even as they grow into adults. i want to run, laugh, be silly.

i want to be bent over from trying to breathe since i’m laughing so hard and my eyes are watering.

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everyone needs friends + connections…


i am now starting my second life. i’m excited about it and scared. i feel that if i just scale back and live in something that i can own, pay off completely and reduce my monthly living expenses… i can have a bigger life with more money, time and freedom.

i also think that living with less will give me more.

i will appreciate what i have and also have only the things i truly need in life. i would rather have more money to travel, explore and go on little mini adventures.

i would rather clean the house in 15 minutes and then go out somewhere with my kids and enjoy life.

i want to spend my time with four people. myself | my kids | my future love | my friends

i want to be more active. i would rather go to the gym each morning to lightly workout every day, connect with news while doing so and shower/shave + get dressed and go to work or out for the day. i want to be healthy. i want to eat better. eat very simple foods.

i want to learn more about the environment and my footprint. i want to have the kids learn from me.

in my lifetime… i would like my kids to be able to tell people in the future that they have gone camping at every provincial park in ontario.


i would rather have a couple of things i truly love than to have a house full of crap that i don’t use or touch.

i don’t need anything big to show off to people.

i have no idea if you know who i am… feel free to type me a email or call me. i’m not shy. hell… let’s meet up for coffee. have a question… just ask.