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In the Fall of 2011, I decided to come up with 101 Things to do in 1001 days.  Which is a whack of days.  I’m currently on my 3rd list.

Truthfully, I’ve fallen off this wagon with it for the last little while.  I’ve revamped my list with the upcoming 6 month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail hike with my daughter.    Some of the things are older things still on the bucket list and some are freshly added.

101 things can be really small things and some of them could be some larger things.  Not 100% sure if I can get all of them done.  But I promised myself I will try.  Some things are for me and some are for my kids.

I will try and blog them all in progress once they are completed. 

My deadline expires on March 27th, 2024 which should be a couple of days before the start of our PCT Thru-Hike.  When I get back I can create the next list.

Red is completed   |   Green is in-progress   |   Orange is delayed 

    1. In Progress | Personally complete 100 loans with KIVA and have 1,000 completed loans by people I’ve invited to use KIVA.ORG   Will you help me?  (Blog Post)
    2. Play my kids tennis three times each.  Best of 3 sets.  (Summer 2023)
    3. Find someone to fall in love with.
    4. Make an authentic Acadian meal of traditional Rappie Pie that my Mother used to make.
    5. In Progress: Watch in order every episode of CNN’s Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain Weekly in order. (Blog Post)
    6. In Progress: Research all legs of my 2025 RoadTrip w/ Noah & update our blog and google spreadsheet. (Blog Post)
    7. In Progress: Make a documentary film of my family tree. (BlogPost)
    8. In Progress | Purchase and read one book per month for 6 months in a row.  Start again if broken before 6 months is up.  (Blog Post
      • Currently:  Journeys North by Barney Scout Mann:  Started August 1st, 2022
    9. Back-Country Camping Trip with a woman, canoe and a small tent.
    10. In Progress | Go and see 30 bands play live.    (Blog Post)
    11. After watching the F1 Netflix Documentary Series > Attend an F1 Race in Montreal & follow the 2022 season and season’s going forward.(Blog Post)
    12. In Progress: Record, Edit + Publish 30 Episodes of our Podcast “A Long Walk North”  Competed: 16/30 Episodes.  (Blog Post)
    13. Learn how to use the Adobe Illustrator program for business building and a creative outlet.
    14. Attend three “First Friday” Art Crawls in Peterborough
    15. Rent a cottage with friends where there are at least 10 or more people sleeping up there.
    16. Design & make a cookbook that will be an e-book that I and my daughter will make to help fund our PCT trip.
    17. Catalogue in full my photos and videos sorted in a way that is archived smart for reference. (all photos stored on phone, laptop, old computers, cloud, hard drives)
    18. Design a home yoga class with meditation for me and do yoga at home every day for 90 days straight and if broken then start again.
    19. Replace the battery in my iPhone myself with a $30 Amazon Battery.
    20. Completed: Watch the “Before Trilogy” in a full day with a woman (Blog Post)
    21. Completed:  Practice more minimalism and sell things I don’t need on eBay, FB or Kijjikkiiikjki 😉
    22. Purchase a DrinkTanks Growler to enjoy craft beer at a summer outdoor evening concert.
    23. Completed | Create a website for our Pacific Crest Trail hike. (New Website: HIKETHEPCT.CA
    24. Spend a weekend in Toronto at The Thompson Hotel with a woman I want to kiss for a nice weekend away.
    25. Purchase a cool stationary set & write some old-fashioned letters to people.
    26. Change all my online accounts to a new uniform hard password  (last overhaul was in 2014)
    27. Get 15,000 steps per day for 60 days.  If broken… start over. 
    28. Swim laps for a full hour in a local pool.
    29. Make 30 food recipes from a book.
    30. See a movie at a Drive-In with a woman.
    31. Fall Camping Trip at Bon Echo Provincial Park with the kids.
    32. Set up an investment plan with Chantal + Noah for Vietnam/Thailand 
    33. Sign up to Audible and listen to 20 books and use a signup code for a free trial.
    34. Rent a houseboat from Egan Rentals for a weekend in the Kawartha Lakes to have a blast with the kids and see if any of my buddies & their families want to do the same and we can caravan along the lakes together.  Rent a Houseboat that has a slide from the roof to swim in the middle of the lake.
    35. In Progress: | Have my IMDb Watch-list get down to under 300 movies and have my rated movies end up being over 700.  Update:  My watch list is around 492 movies as of November 2022 and my ratings are at 520 movies.  My movies/shows watched in 2022 / My ratings for 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018
    36. Get old photos from my Dad and make my own photo album of our family growing up in a coffee table format.  Make the book through
    37. Go Camping with my kids at Killbear Provincial Park in Northern Ontario.
    38. Attend the Canadian Rogers Tennis Tourney with a paid ticket in Toronto at York University
    39. Create an Etsy business.
    40. Attend a High School Basketball Game of my Old High School with my old high school buddies.
    41. Recover data from my first external hard drive.
    42. Camp at Cypress Lake Campground up north at the Bruce Peninsula National Park in Tobermory.
    43. Buy a van and start to convert it into a little camper van for road trips.
    44. Take Noah out of school for the day and take him to a Blue Jay game with me. (Blog Post)
    45. In Progress:  Build the Deveau Family Tree.  For the kids to understand our history from my side and my Ex Wife’s side.
    46. Take my kids to Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt.
    47. Start a side business hustle with Cara Crowley
    48. Experience Oktoberfest in Kitchener.
    49. Teach my daughter & son how to take photographs with her camera and take her downtown for an urban photography day.
    50. Get a bunch of High School Buddies and play Paintball outside.
    51. Hike a 21km section of the Bruce Trail through Bruce Peninsula National Park with the kids. (Blog Post)
    52. Go away for white-water rafting near Ottawa for the weekend.
    53. Design a T-Shirt Logo & make 5 iron-on transfers to iron and stick onto clothes for me.
    54. Take my kids to a car race at Mosport Raceway in Bowmanville, ON for a weekend camping trip.
    55. Go Skinny dripping with a woman at night in the summer.
    56. Do a sunrise/sunset swim each day for a month in the month of May/June or Aug/Sept.
    57. Attend Cherry Beach’s Promise Party with Chantal in Toronto.
    58. Attend & see 5 Movies in the span of 5 days in a movie theatre.
    59. Completed: Start a podcast. (Blog Post)
    60. Take my kids to a Toronto FC Game where we march to the stadium with the proud supporters from the pub.
    61. Go on a camping trip with just Noah somewhere in Ontario.
    62. Attend a tennis match a the Rogers Cup in Montreal.
    63. Jump off a bridge into water high enough that I’m a little freaked out to jump off.
    64. Watch a Toronto Blue Jays game outside of Toronto.
    65. Sign up for the gym again now that covid has finished.  
    66. In Progress | Get down to 220 pounds.  (Blog Post)
    67. Get a credit card with a points/reward system that works for my life and get rid of the one I have now.
    68. Use my Air Miles to sneak off to Vancouver, British Columbia.
    69. Visit Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio on a road trip with the kids.
    70. Catch up online with 50 peeps on FB that I have not been in contact with since the last time I’ve seen them personally or we connected on FB.
    71. Completed: Go Kayaking.  I smile when I type this because of the private back-story about Kayaking.
    72. Go on a road trip where you drive 5 hours north somewhere.
    73.  Give blood 2 times a month for 8 months in a row.  (Blog Post
    74. Update my estate planning package & instructions for my executor.
    75. Hike up Mt. Washington with Chantal & Noah after going on a road trip to Vermont + New Hampshire with the kids on a camping trip.
    76. In Progress:  Update my legacy project videos for the kids that they will get during different milestones within their lives if something should ever happen to me.
    77.  Get a second Tattoo. | (Currently designing another one)
    78. In Progress | Get up to 70 trees planted with TenTree.  (Blog Post)  | Currently 30 are planted.
    79. In Progress | Be able to do 25 push-ups (Blog Post) 
    80. Have a candlelit dinner on the living room floor with someone.
    81. Give a 100% tip to someone who provides excellent service.
    82. Run my first 10k marathon.
    83. Try a round of disk golf using real disks. (Planning Summer 2023)
    84. Design two logo’s for a hat and something for a t-shirt or hoody and make some for myself & the kids.
    85. Stay with someone using Couchsurfing.
    86. Spend an entire day without vision (be blind for the day).
    87. Hit 33 straight free throws. (Blog Post
    88. Completed: Purchase another bottle of Theirry Mulger – Angel. (BlogPost)
    89. In Progress (Planning) : Hike the Pacific Coast Trail from the border of Mexico up through California, Oregon and Washington State up to the border of Canada covering 4,200 km with Chantal. (Blog Post)
    90. Spend a weekend at the Breakers Motel on the beach in Cobourg, ON
    91. Purchase a new vlogging camera.
    92. Go to an event where I have to wear a Tux
    93. Winter Camping with my kids and staying in a Yurt at Silent Lake Provincial Park.
    94. Install a “Before I Die” Wall somewhere in Peterborough or Ajax.  (Blog Post)
    95. Hike “La Cloche Silhouette Trail up near Killarney Provincial Park (80 km) Loop.
    96. Take Nose out for dinner & reconnect.
    97. Treetop Trekking with the kids somewhere.
    98. Photography & Culture Weekend in NYC.  Overnight Bus Trip/Flight & sleep all night to arrive in the Morning.  (Alone or with friends)   (Blog Post)
    99. Perform a perfect flip off a diving board into a pool of water or a small cliff.  (1 rotation)
    100. Five-day hike along the Coastal Trail (Pukaskwa National Park in Ontario along Lake Superior) (Youtube Vid) (Youtube Vid
    101. Create a new list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 days for my 4th list.


Side notes & things: (Had to park some things for the next list due to Covid19 and big trips to Thailand and PCT scheduled.)

  • 2025 Van Trip of North America with Noah for 4-6 months
  • Two years after walking the PCT trail with Chantal… I will hike (trail TBD with Noah) since he will be finishing high school. (Maybe the Tahoe Rim Trail)
  • Attend a Jackson & Triggs Summer Outdoor Concert
  • Weekend in Chicago, IL in the summer to travel around the city.
  • Attend a Buffalo Bills Football game in Buffalo in the Winter (Bus Trip Package from Union Station in Toronto that includes food and drinks during the tailgate party)
  • Visit Mt. Tremblant in Quebec City in the Winter.
  • Attend a Toronto Raptors Road game in Detroit with Elite Sports Tours.
  • Vanlife trip with kids to California across the states and into the Mountains and Yosemite National Park.
  • Drive to Atlantic City, New Jersey in Shorts, T-Shirt and Flip Flops and my wallet and stay for the weekend. (Bring Nothing Else)
  • Visit KLand in California / Plane spotting at LAX In&Out Burger / Rent bikes and drive from Manhatten Beach up to Santa Monica & Venice Beach.
  • JsdoitHOUSE update

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