2023 Is Now! I’m Happy I made It Another Turn Around The Sun

honestly… i started this blog in 2012 when my marriage ended just to be an open journal and to bookmark stuff.

I’ll make a better update in a couple of days and reflect on the past year or quarter or whatever. it’s always nice to look forward to a new year. and i hopefully will jump into the new year like the cold lake a Silent Lake Provincial Park and jump in nuts and all…

Hope everyone had a sweet holiday. I’m a sucker for updating my Facebook cover photo and above is the holiday cover just in portrait mode. It’s a collection usually from Tumblr mixed in with personal photos. A quiet holiday here which is fine with mostly catching up with people online. Hung out with Shelly this past Christmas which was sweet. She is a great friend.

Past little our podcast called “A Long Walk North” has come along and it’s been fun to interview hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. In the year, we produced 1076 minutes of content. Our episode 14 has over 1000 spins which is nuts. I’ve watched some PCT vlogs and short summary docs on YouTube. Chantal came up to Peterborough and we recorded a little show answering questions from a friend. More episodes will drop in the next couple of months with the PCTClass2023 going to start hitting the trail to Canada this March and April. This means this April will mark our 1 YEAR AWAY which is crazy to think about. My Son Noah is so tall now… that he is taller than me. I love the little man and who he is becoming.

Hector in the photo below passed away and he will be missed.

I laugh at the Spotify-wrapped results that told me I explored 191 different genres. My top genres are:

  • Indie Folk
  • Rap
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • Indie Soul

The rap at #2 surprised me, but this year instead of listening to my Hippity Hop playlists… I was busy fixing them and making them… so listening as I built… must have pushed it into the second genre. Rap for me was back in the 90’s so I do have some basketball playlists that bring me back to running up and down the courts.

Spotify told me in the mornings that I listened to Cottagecore Gentle Reflective and that makes sense. I need to discover new music in that category and add some new songs to my morning playlist.

My total playtime for the year 2022 was 123,424 minutes. That’s 2073 hours and roughly 3 months of music playing the entire year… which sounds low. 😉

It told me that I listened to 5,801 different artists. Fuck. (But I scour the Monday’s personalized playlist Spotify makes me and also the new release radar playlist every Friday so that makes sense) I also pillage Spotify playlists and listen in my free time for songs or artists I want a deeper dive into.

Ben Howard again was my top artist with 2,674 minutes of listening to him.

I listened to 11,700 songs. But the top 5 songs were:

  • Candu by The Rural Alberta Advantage
  • The Big Ship – 2004 Remastered by Brian Eno
  • There is Something On Your Mind by Big Jay McNeely
  • Coffee by Sylvan Esso
  • Sh’Diah by Bon Iver

Spotify tells me that I’ve listened 13,003 minutes listening to podcasts. Here are the top 5 that I listened to:

  • LOL, our podcast “A Long Walk North” which I like to listen to after we publish one to see if I made any mistakes editing and one last doublecheck before people start being notified of it dropping.
  • Backpacker Radio
  • Catch Me Outside
  • Knuckleheads (Basketball Player Interviews)
  • Shift +F1 (Formula One Podcast)

Summer was lots of fun for many reasons. A simple life indeed. The end of summer was a sneaky trip to Montreal which was a lovely trip slowly. But inside the summer was the sun, drinks, live music outside, camping, movies projected on the bedroom wall and lots and lots of music.

Just a collection of photos peppered from the summer about anything. I just like to document things. I’ll try and vlog more this summer and make little films to post on my Facebook or IG/TikTok.

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