Fall Camping: Silent Lake Provincial Park

Heidi and I travelled up to Silent Lake for our second annual fall camping trip to test out gear. It was not super cold and we even spent time lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine. Just a nice chill camping trip. Last September we went to Charleston Provincial Park near the end of the month and then to Silent Lake in October.

We were in the walk-in campsites and we had Site 74 which was a first for me and it’s a great site. Close to the parking lot and also to the bear vault where you keep your food. I spent a night at Site 76 in August with Jennie. We set up our tents together. We both are in our PCT tents and we plan to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in about 540 days in.

Mine is on the right above which is a 3-man tent for my Daughter and me. (Our MSR Tent that we purchased) That will give us 39 square feet in our tent.

Heidi’s is a 2 man tent since it’s just her but the one-man tent from MSR would only fit her and not her backpack. Heidi is coming out to hike the first month of the Pacific Crest Trail with us. Chantal could not make the camping trip due to work/school which sucks.

After setting up camp we took the picnic blanket and found a place by the water on the rocks to chill out. I really love the walk-in sites and how close they are to the perfect second beach in the park as well as the boat launch and all the places to sit along the water.

We set up our cooking station for the evening on the picnic table.

Heidi had a nap in the hammock that I brought. No bugs is another awesome part of fall camping… so I guess the hammock with the bug net is not needed but it’s nice to feel all cozy inside. We put her sleeping-pad on the bottom of it and her sleeping bag so she was all wrapped up.

We went down to the beach just after sunset to check out the lake and it was calm and beautiful.

We made some basic pea soup and added in some extras to make it fancy and we had our campfire gummy so we could say the funniest things around the fire. Fuck we are hilarious with gummies. Before the fire, we packed up our table for the night so we didn’t have to do that later and we put our food back into the bear vault.

The next morning was omelettes with cut-up bacon, green peppers and onions with cheese. My two-burner stove needs a good cleaning from making pancakes from the summer before.

Had to have some coffee.

We decided to do a little hike along Bonnie’s Pond. I always want to call it Bonnie’s Bog. It was a nice hike and we hiked it to warm up so I brought my coffee with me. We used my Garmin watch to track the metrics of the hike but it was a casual hike.

Brought my coffee. Also tripped over a root and did a little tumble and just spilled it a little out the little sippy hole. I’m a knob stubbing my toe… but full marks on the roll before hitting the ground. I’ve had my Nike’s on all summer so don’t mind my summer outdoor feet.

The second day also had great weather so we headed down to the beach to sit out in the sun with the blanket on the beach. Heidi had a nap and I tried to soak up some rays.

Night two had us cook some sausages over the fire with onions and we wrapped them into a wrap with cheese. Had another gummy for the jokes for night two. The two bags of chips really didn’t make it to night two.

More omelettes (turned into a pot of scrambled eggs mixed with goodness) the next morning to finish off the eggs…. and we packed up our gear and trucked it back to the car to take off back home.

A great trip… and we are trying to get out again this October to do it again. Hopefully, a spot opens up now till the end of October to go again.

My other post with Silent Lake PP can be found here.

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