2022 Peterborough Folk Festival

We set up the blanket on Saturday just as Georgia Harmer (niece of Sarah Harmer) was finishing her set. Next up with Julian Taylor who is from Toronto and had a great set. He has a new album coming out called “Beyond The Resovoir”.

Kelly McMichael was next on stage. Such a nice evening on the blanket all the music was new to me and it was lovely.

Next on stage was Odario from Toronto… he brought the energy with a Hip Hop flare and everyone was dancing around the stage. The energy was so sweet.

Holy shit was Bahamas so sweet. I really enjoyed them and the guitars were what really blew me away with Christine on a Fender was wild when she would go off. I really enjoyed them and it made day one of the festival really nice. It’s been a summer of so many outdoor evening concerts… I’ve so lucky to have had so many sweet weather nights with people on the blanket for drinks, pizza and a great buzz with music and people and one or two gummies.

Day two of the festival had us come when My Son The Hurricane was just setting up. Really an excellent live band with all the instruments. Lauryn Macfarlane was next up and she played a super small set.

Then the Trews from Nova Scotia capped off the festival with a great live set that was loud and everyone was enjoying it.

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