Song Of The Year 2019 | Bon Iver w/ Sh’diah

2019 was a year of disappearance. Well, that’s not true… but it was a year of working and not living. The highlight of the year was going on an epic trip with my kids to Europe and a song from that rings in my ears. I used to drop songs on the quarter, and I need to start doing that again in 2020. So, if one song can sum up the year it would be this one from Bon Iver. It’s called sh’diah and it’s simply beautiful. I used it in the sunset part of our Europe vlog. It’s close to a minute and a half into it.

Wow… the last time that I posted a song of the quarter was at the end of March in 2018. What the hell happened to me. Oh well… I can try and get it back on track going forward. Here are all my previous songs.

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