What Five Artists That Would Travel Across Canada With You?

If you could travel across Canada with someone you want to kiss. What five artists would you bring to listen to on your 2 week journey? …

I always find it interesting to ask people this question. I ask everyone. People at work, people I meet online, friends, etc. It’s also fun to ask since it puts fear in their eyes since they think I will judge them. I ask them to rank them and sometimes they forget.

It’s a big question. I tell them that just think of the artist and it’s like having all their work to listen to on one big CD. Maybe they like the artist for their earlier work or maybe their current stuff. I thought I should type mine out and ramble on why I picked who I picked.

Here are the five artists that I would bring:

Ben Howard

1. Ben Howard w/ the lovely Lady India Bourne

Ben ranks for me as my number one artist. It all started with the Every Kingdom album and that album would be perfect for a road trip. Ben’s new work is a bit different and I would welcome it as well. But, I’m in love with his earlier work. Below is a playlist that covers Ben Howard for beginners. 😉

2. The Rural Alberta Advantage

Love this little Canadian Indie band. I think of them as the “new” Tragically Hip. So to me, this would be a perfect band to listen to and if the person coming with me didn’t know them… I would love to see them whaling away on the air drums on the way home since they would be singing along. Below is a little Spotify playlist with the songs that I personally love. Great for a long car ride with the windows down.

3. Caamp

Third would be Caamp for the summer twang that would slow down the Rural Alberta Advantage and let you get into a casual flow as you look out at the windows as the country passes by. Below, is a playlist that has a whack of Caamp inside if you want to sample.

4. Bon Iver (Old + New)

Bon Iver to me is broken down into “Old Bon Iver” and “New”. Old Bon Iver would be played in the early mornings and it’s calm and reflective and allows you to be quiet inside. New Bon Iver is different and it takes a while to understand and appreciate it. New Bon Iver is hard to explain. It’s like listening to music against the grain. You expect music to be a certain way and the thought process with the new stuff is “so against the grain” it’s genius and beautiful. Watch this on youtube to get what I’m talking about with the “new” Bon Iver. Watch this on youtube to get what I’m talking about with the “old Bon Iver”. So they would be perfect for a road trip to “hear the quiet” and the new stuff to let you hear things differently and the more it’s played you will hear some incredibly beautiful songs. Here is my playlist on Spotify when I want to hear the old Bon Iver. Here is my playlist that has the new Bon Iver

5. U2

Number five was hard. Some people don’t like them…. or they only like the old stuff of them. So, I’m picking this band since it brings me back to High School. In 2001, they came out with a song that represents my Daughter, since it played 4 times that day the day before she was born and it actually played on the radio when bringing her home. (Beautiful Day). It also reminds me of my Brother who passed away since one of their songs was played at his funeral. So with U2 changing so much along their journey… they would have longs of different vibes on the road trip.

So that’s my five artists. I wish I could give you 10. What’s yours? Tell me in the comments if you want. I love to know what they are and why you would pick them. Don’t be scared 😉 I won’t peg you to them.

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