Craig Cardiff | Peterborough


Craig rolled into town for a sweet set in Feb in Peterorough.  Born in 1976 and from Waterloo.  He has released 16 albums.  A great Canadian folk singer.  His PTBO show was recorded, so I’m eagerly waiting for the release on Spotify.  His banter in between songs is lovley and his travels have given him many intimate connections throughout North America.  

I created a little playlist of the songs that I enjoy of his.  I’m slowly going through his older releases and will be adding to it.  I will put in his PTBO show recording when it’s released into this post.  If Craig rolls into your little town or city… please grab that special someone and go and see him live.  It’s a nice little intimate set and his wit in between songs is lovely.  He is a great storyteller.


Looking forward to supporting him again the next time he rolls into town.


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