Banff Film Festival | Peterborough

This year marks the 3rd straight year attending the Banff Film Festival and I’m excited to be going both days to see all the films presented.  This festival goes worldwide after opening in Banff.  Wild Rock in PTBO sponsors it each year.  It will be in Toronto in March and tickets are on sale now.  The one in PTBO sells out super quick.

The trailer is below:


Back to back nights at the Festival and 18 films watched.  Here are some of the movies that I watched that I could find online.

The North Face Presents Lhotse (23 minutes) |In 2018, Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison completed the first ski descent of the 27,940-foot Lhotse, the fourth-highest mountain in the world. This is their story.
Charge (5 Min) | Four top freeskiers and a World Champion drone pilot are dropped at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing in BC for one week. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can every day

Camel finds water (so good)

Thabang (23 min) | Thabang Madiba somehow found his way into the world of trail running and in the last few years has become everyone’s favourite in the South African trail scene. He lives in Ga-Rankuwa township, without a mountain in sight… or a physio, chiro or dietician for that matter.  But through hard work, dedication and passion, he has won the South African Trail Running Championships multiple times and was the first black South African to represent the country in Trail Running. He has become a hero in his community and is hoping to inspire a new generation of youth through the sport of trail running.
Surfer Dan (7 Min) | Beyond the waves; the ocean, the sand, and the sun are a few elements that come to mind when you think of surfing. But for Dan, he finds all that he needs in the icy waves of Lake Superior, Michigan in the dead of winter. To most, it’s quite possibly the most unattractive surfing destination in the entire world – but for Dan it’s all about how you perceive it.

The Motivator | I’m in love this this guys Mom

Home (Trailer) | Between 2011 and 2015, UK adventurer Sarah Outen traversed the globe by bike, kayak and rowing boat, traveling over 20,000 miles by human power alone. Her voyage was followed by thousands, hooked on her infectious humor and love of life. But travelling solo, the trip took its toll, and a violent storm on the Pacific took Sarah to the physical and mental brink. Woven out of hundreds of hours of footage, Home intimately and unflinchingly captures Sarah’s journey, telling a story of heart and soul, of real struggle and joy, and one woman’s trek towards true emotional acceptance.
Siblings (3 min) | Over the years, we gained a lot of wisdom together, trying to best each other and take on the world. Through it all, bikes have fueled our adventures, sparked our imaginations, and continually reminded us of what’s most important: We’re all family.
Into the Canyon Trailer
REEL ROCK 14 Official Trailer
Hors Piste (6 min of awesome)

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