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Kris Orlowski is a Seattle based indie song writer who I had the chance to catch at the Silver Dollar in Toronto.  He opened up for Ivan + Alyosha and I loved and downloaded some songs from his albums.  Two songs stuck out for me and I felt that I liked both of these songs equally and I picked up both of them for my Song Of The Quarter that is part of the songs that I pick for my Song Of The Year.

Since starting this blog I picked a song that would represent my song of the calendar year.  In 2015, I started to pick songs each quarter.


The first song below is Carolina which was my first download from Kris.  Two versions of the song below since the first one is a stripped down version.

Believer is the second song and I find it ringing positive in my ears.  I really like this singer songwriter.  I hope he returns to Toronto one day and I can catch him again.


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