New Mixtape | Sort Of | Lost In Transition Series Will Join Sunday Mornings


My “Lost In Transition” Series will be converted over to the Sunday Mornings Series and are on my mixtape page to download.

The reason for doing this is many of the songs sound like Sunday Morning songs and since I take all the mixtapes and put them into one really big playlist… I feel that the songs in LIT from Bon Iver, Daughter, Ben Howard, Passenger, Patrick Watson are never listened to.

So I will review all the songs and put them in Sunday Mornings or Sunday Afternoons.

I’m cleaning up the mixtapes to make it easier for people to download them.

When I meet new people… I’m always recommending the Sunday Morning or Sunday Afternoon Series as a good place to start and download some mixtapes to discover some new music that they might enjoy.



So the Sunday Morning Series will grow by 4 albums on Jan 15th… and I need to make a new album cover for Vol 11.

They are live right now.  Under “Pages” pull down menu on this blog 😉

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