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Just a short time ago… I took the kids downtown to explore the city a bit and hit the CN Tower.  We went downtown and hit Chinatown near Spadina & Dundas and hit some shops.  Chantal has never been to Chinatown and she loved the stores will all the fake brandname stuff and electronics.  We then had lunch.  Noah sweet talked me into getting him shoes and I gave them each some money to buy some things they wanted.  Noah picked up a hat.  I guess he needed some more swag.

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We then headed down to Front Street to get tickets for the Tower.  It took us a good hour in line to get to the elevator to head up.  Noah was a little scared.  Once up there… he was pretty good.  We went up just as it was going to get dark soon… so we could see the city in the day and when it twinkles.  We took our sweet time and walked around and looked at all viewpoints of the city.  The kids thought it was cool to see places that we just walked and had lunch at.  We then went up to the Skypod and viewed it from that vantage point.  I gave Chantal a sharpie so she could write her name that she “was there”.  We also hit the glass floor before heading down to the ground level again.  We then hit up Jack Astors on Front for dinner and watched a bit of the Hockey Game.  Leafs were playing the Penguins and the game was in Toronto… so they thought it was neat that we were watching the game on the big screen that was being played 4 minutes away.

It was a great day and I was glad that I could take my little man up the tower for the first time.  Chantal had the chance to go up already with her cousin.

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