You Might Like This Since Others Have Also Bought | #100 of 101 Things | Completed

One of the things near the bottom of my list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days is to purchase $100 in iTunes and simply go and find artists I’ve never heard about and download some music from them and just keep looking and searching.  Even if it’s 100 different artists with 1 song each.

It was such a fun task.  I would go into the iTunes store and click on different areas of music and just check out what is trending at the moment and then hit an artist and skim through songs.  Some purchases were due to a little 15 second snippet.  So thankful to find some great songs.  I would then check out what other people have bought that would be listed under a certain artist.  So if I found an artist I liked… I could find other artists that are like them.

  I would then add them to playlists on the iPod and simply take it from there and listen to them.  Some songs… I was like… “Why is that not on the radio?  What an awesome song!

I am in the process of trying to list some of the music on a page on the blog.  If you check out “Spinning Inside My Head” you will see the list at the top of the page that lists the artists and click-able links to iTunes for you to purchase or simply watch some of the YouTube videos I posted.



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