Rules Of A Gentleman | The Front + The Back | Tips To Find + Keep A Woman


I wanted to post something I came across about 3 years ago.

I noticed a post on Tumblr that someone posted.  It listed the “Rules Of A Gentleman” on the front and it also listed it on the back some other ones.  I re-blogged it on my Tumblr (HERE I remember posting it on my tumblr and wishing that nobody that knew me would read them.

The rules on the back were a little different than the front.  (read them if you want) I did not write them I just noticed it on Tumblr and wanted to reblog it.

My comments after reading the rules on the back were:  “I think if all men would follow the front first… you will attract the right women for you and if you follow the back of the card… life will be good and exciting and worth waiting for the next day and night.”

Everyone should have them inside a double sided frame hanging on your bathroom wall so that you can flip over and read the back if you know it exists and be reminded.  I have a double sided frame. 😉


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