We All Need GF’s | These Are Perfect Since They Don’t Cause Any Stress

For those who follow my Tumblr (JSDOITrest) will see that I call many virtual women my GF.  They could be an actress from the big screen or the little TV.  They could play Soccer, Tennis or Basketball.  They could be someone I follow on Twitter or anyone really.

The other day… I was trying to think how many I have.  I don’t think that many… so let’s see.  I’ll post some now and come back and make this post bigger.  Some people think I only like Redheads.  Not true.  Some think that as long as they have big teeth and a big nose than they are my type.

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At the top of the list must be Julianne Moore.  At 53 years old.  She’s my GF.  She is stunning and so down to earth.  Don’t get me started.

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Second on the Redhead list would be Jessica who I never knew existed since Zero Dark Thirty.  She is the younger Julianne and will keep my dreams going as JM drifts into retirement.

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India Bourne who plays with Ben Howard and also is starting her solo journey is just plan sweet.  She is like “your buddies sister” who is sweet as pie but makes you think.


Watching her live in concert as well as in music video’s makes her irresistible.

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Alex Morgan also plays on the U.S. National Team.  Another Nike Athlete.  I can name 3 more on the U.S.

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Above is Channy Leaneagh of Polica… who reminds me of Edyie who is below who is just a lovely woman.


1-Screen Captures5-001Next is Holly.   Freckles.  Fun.  Who just got married.  ;(

1-tumblr dec5Above is Kendel.  When learning more about the Canadian Team at FIBA a couple of weeks ago… I came across Kendel.  She posted a picture of her drinking tea as her pre-game routine so I sent her some tea-vibes.  She then came out with a 16 point game.

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Always loved Hingis.  Glad she is playing doubles and competing.

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You can never forget Jen… who was in every man’s wet dream.

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Above: Top Left: Nicole Kidman, My GF Donna from Suits, Emily from CNWT, Jacky St. James in the bottom right and bottom left is Andrea my German GF.  I will compile more and list.  It’s hard to think.

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