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Jay Austin’s Beautiful Illegal Tiny House | Boneyard Studios

Monday, February 15th, 2016


I hope cities start to rethink bi-laws to help people and also gain new people within their communites and get more tax-payers that will help the economy and the community.  Some cities are starting to come around and change the laws.  More will follow.

Less Is More | Info Graphic | Tiny House Movement In The United States

Monday, August 25th, 2014


Protohaus | Tiny House | Painted Out | Inspiration For Myself

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

I think I want to “paint out” my Tiny House to an “off-white” colour from finding a picture on Tumblr of a Tiny House that was painted out.  I’ve discovered the two people who live in that house in the States and have some other pictures to share of inside their home.  Even though my Tiny House will be about 578 sq feet… this little one is about 125 sq ft on the main floor (not including the loft).1-tiny life51-4558145551.swf1-4558145570.swf 1-protohaus-interior-2 1-tiny life4

Could you live in a Tiny House?  Could you try and live with less and try and have a bigger life?


Below is a little video taken before all of the finishing touches were added.  The cost for this house was $25,000

Can’t wait.

Completed House Photos | Tiny House | BF + GF + Little Dog | Inspiration For Myself

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Stumbled up on a blog post from a Tiny Home builder that lives in one with his GF and their little dog.  I have bookmarked their blog and will spend more time on it next week.  I have a folder in Evernote that I’m stockpiling tons of ideas as well as what items would make the best fireplace, oven, appliances as well as little details to maximize space.

I like the white painted out look… but I also think this Tiny Home is cute and cozy.

I find this inspiring.  My layout will be different with a bedroom in the back and a loft bed.  You can find my plans for mine below:

1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34454 PM

The Tiny House you will see below is pretty cool also.

Today I put money in a jar that will go towards building materials for the frame.  The first big purchase will the the trailer it will sit on.  I am going to build a blog and document the entire journey.



Words + Pictures below are taken from

My comments are in red.


Below you will find a large set of photos of both the interior and exterior of the finished house.

Unlike some other tiny house photos you may see elsewhere on the itnerwebs, these photos have been taken of our house that has now been lived in full-time for over a month by myself, my girlfriend and our small dog. I certainly cleaned and tidied up a lot, but this is what a real lived-in tiny house actually looks like, not a just-finished showroom piece. Enjoy!

1-outside1I want to find some property that I can rent on someone’s larger lot.  Ideally somewhere on Taunton Road in Ajax just west of Westney Rd, where there is a 24hr. Goodlife Fitness, Grocery Store and also a Beer Store.  I would plug in to an existing building like a barn or workshop and be situated behind it facing out into the countryside or forest.  I would want to make a tiny deck that could be removed and it’s movable if I decide to relocate.  I would like to have a simple outdoor kitchen with a quality all season BBQ that will allow me to cook more outside.

Take a peek at the pictures below and see if you could fit into a Tiny House. 

Live with Less and be happy will be my theme for 2014.  My kids will love it.  I’m sure they will call dibs on the loft bedroom.

1-ceiling1 1-ceiling2 1-kitchen_in 1-kitchen_out 1-kitchen_sink1 1-kitchen_stove1 1-kitchen_window 1-living1 1-living2 1-living3 1-living4

1-tiny house-001 1-living-hooks 1-loft_down1 1-loft1 1-loft2 1-loft3 1-outside1 1-outside2 2-outside5 3-outside6 4-outside7


Tiny House | The Marie Coven | Could you live in one?

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

This is what I want: I want to live in a Tiny House and have equal access to my kids, work, support my kids, pay my bills and simply enjoy life. I don’t need much to be happy. Right now… I have some Rubbermaid bins with some of the things I want and like. I can pair down some more… since most of those bins are clothes. Right now… I am collecting information about everything that is about building or having a Tiny House built. Where to put it. What it will have inside. Thanks to my Evernote Account… it is filling up with information to consider and I will use as I go through this journey and new chapter in my life. My Daughter thinks it’s awesome. If it’s something that I can pay off in 2 to 3 years… it will benefit me after that since I will be mortgage free after that.

Right now the Marie Colvin has caught my eye (until I see something that is a better fit).


1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34419 PMThe Marie Colvin is now available as both a shell and a furnished plan. This house boasts a beautiful bump-out dining nook/study, a downstairs bedroom, two lofts, a kitchen with ample storage, a 2′-6″ x 6′-6″ bathroom, a 9′-6″ x 10′-0″ great room and more than 70 square feet of storage. The furnished plan sets come with a main floor plan, a loft floor plan, an electrical plan, trailer specifications with alternate pier foundation plan, pertinent detail elevations and all of the integral component plans, including the blueprints for furniture designed specifically to fit in a tiny house.

1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34454 PM1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34428 PM


I am in the process right now with finding information regarding costs and ideas and sending it all to my Evernote Account. I’m connecting with local people around Toronto that are in the processes of doing the same thing. I’m simply in awe by people with their spirit to try something different for themselves.

1-tiny life

I sort of like the white look and would want it more like this below. I would want to use some Ikea storage ideas + kitchen:


1-tiny life1

My goal is to look for a place just a tiny bit north of Ajax or Whitby (or close to Durham) that I could park it on. Maybe pay that person $200 a month and have no “hook-up’s + live off grid” to rent a little bit of space on someone’s land. Somewhere where I am tucked behind maybe a old barn so I’m hidden from the road where all I see out the window is the rolling hills that stretches opposite from the road. I’m also interested in being somewhere that I can connect to a power supply and pay a bit more in rent to cover this cost.

I would like to be driving distance to a Health Club where I could workout daily and shower. Somewhere that I would drop in before work or after. Something like Goodlife where my membership can be used at different clubs.

1-tiny life2