Song Of The Quarter | Ry X with “Berlin” | 2016 | Q4

September 20th, 2016


Yes I know I’ve posted this song.  I was to post a song on September 1st of what I’ve been listening to the most or what song best represents the quarter and it’s this song.  I’ve been listening to Ry X’s performance from France that is about a hour long on my rides to and from work.  This song always makes my mind smile.  Many wonderful memories to this song.

I’m glad I moved to quarterly songs from yearly songs at the start of 2015.

This song has been on repeat and it’s taken me 20 days to finalized this selection.  It’s a song for the quiet morning and it’s a song for the still in the night.  It’s a song to lie with someone and it’s a song to kiss them all over to.


I find it completely sexy in so many ways.  I’m not going to post the lyrics below since I don’t want to wreck what is inside my head.  Ry X is coming to Toronto 😉

Below is the video and at a certain point the video changes the mood of the song.

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Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes | Eat Me Tuesday’s

September 13th, 2016

To view this yummy creation from the Minimalist Baker you can hit my Tiny House Blog right here.


Why I Admire How Casey Neistat Tells A Story + Edits + Documents Life

September 10th, 2016


Why do I enjoying watching Casey’s YouTube Channel everyday to see his yesterday?

It is simply his outlook on life and his storytelling along with his editing.  Dude makes a video of everyday an films it in a very interesting style to help tell a story.  He gets better and better at his editing and how he films sequences from other points of view is wild.  The video above highlights some of this.

Interesting video from Nerdwriter below that highlights certain things.  If you watch is vlog… you will notice he is over 500 days in a row.  His channel just passed 1 Billon views.  His daily view average on his daily vlogs is around 1.5 million.  He is at 4.2 Million subscribers.

Someone went through his vlogs… and edited his perspective on things.  It’s very interesting and you can watch it to get an idea of what makes him tick.  It’s kind of his “meaning of life”.  So much good advice.

Here is Part Two below:


If you watch his vlogs more closely and focus on the time and effort he uses to set up shots or add in little details to his surrounding space… is wild.  Dude shoots footage during the day… then edits the footage deciding what to keep and what to not use and also adds music to highlight the story.

My fave vlogs are when he is traveling.  Here is some in a row right here:


I also like the little story of Casey + Candice and it’s great that he can go back in his archives and grab footage and bring it into his stories.

Trying to do some little storytelling of my own is humbling and makes me appreciate how effortlessly easy it is… and it’s not.


DYI Desk Project 2.0 | On My Desk At Work

September 10th, 2016


About a year and a half ago… I made a little DYI desk project to help me at work to daydream and remember little moments in the past.  It is an accordion style thingy that has 5 panels on one side and you can turn it around to switch it up.   I thought it was time to have 10 more 5×7 panels printed to give me some new things to look at.

Above is one panel.  I’ve selected 5 collages to be one one side and they are on this post and the other 5 panels are private for two reasons.  I will try and get a better picture of it so you can understand of what it looks like all folded out.  Here are the 5 public panels.


When selecting images and what to put on each panel… I tried to have the kids, a quote, something about traveling, food, music and something about the “lust” of a woman.  u3

Photos are from tumblr, my instagram and taken from my phone.


What I love about images is that some have a “double meaning” so a certain hand selected image on the top photo with the little wall hook in the bottom left mean more to me that how you would see that image and looking back in 10 years of that little wall hook wanting to fight will remind me of where that wall hook was hanging and reminds me you don’t have to have anything to be happy.


The 10 panels that I took off will be kept and my goal is to make wallpaper with them that will be coated with a gloss and will be in the office wall of my tiny house.  So it will be a collection of things that inspire me or make me reflective.  Sort of my tumblr feed on my wall.


Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl | Eat Me Tuesdays

September 6th, 2016

To view this dish… head over to the Tiny House Blog.  I’m bookmarking healthy meals to make in the Tiny House that is super easy to make.  You can view the post here.  This one is from the Minimalist Baker.


Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Lung + Killing Me To Love You

September 5th, 2016

tumblr new

Tim Bettinson is a 17-year-old Australian who chose Vancouver Sleep Clinic as his project name because, as he told online publication Tomatrax, “When I first starting writing for this project, I felt like it could be the type of atmospheric music that people could fall asleep to.” So much for the Sleep Clinic part. As for the Vancouver bit, he picked that because “it looks like a beautiful place”. Fair enough. It’s his party and he’ll cry – which he does, metaphorically, in a high, ethereal, almost choral voice (because it’s overdubbed to sound like several high, ethereal-voiced choristers) – if he wants to. Other things he wants include “evolving into something that’s more than myself”. He elucidates: “My dream is to be playing with a 10-piece band in forests, castles or canyons – anything cool! Making music has never been about me placing myself in any spotlight; it’s about giving people a collective experience.”

He grew up listening to his dad’s Eagles and Fleetwood Mac records but the Eureka! moment when he realised modern pop didn’t just speak to him but instructed him directly to go out and make music himself came when he heard Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago and Sigur Ros’ Valtari. You can hear the chilly soulfulness of the former and the twinkling majesty of the latter on his tracks Vapour and Collapse. Justin Vernon and his churchy falsetto are especially redolent: can we call this genus of slow-burning, insidiously melodic, electronic indie-folk-soul Bon Ive-R&B and be done with it? We’ve been dying to for ages. Thank you.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic just released two tracks which always makes me lie in bed and be relaxed with so many sweet memories