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The Everyday Challenge | Warsaw Caves

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014


Graeme went to the Warsaw Caves and he shot a little video with his GoPro.  Just wanted to share.  I need to get here with the kids.  They would love it.  Some of the tight squeezes… I would be spooked to try and fit my butt through the openings.

So awesome.  You can follow him on Tumblr here.

Peterborough | Graeme | The Everyday Challenge

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Today I was talking to someone about Graeme who is from Peterborough and runs the Tumblr “The Everyday Challenge


I told them I would post a link to his blog from mine.  He joined Couchsurfing and in January… we need to get a Peterborough Meetup over coffee at Nata’s one night or a beer somewhere cozy.

So in January we will get the Meetup on a night that Graeme is free from working and we can set it up.  Hell… we should invite the local Tumblr peeps also.

Anyways… check out his blog and see some of the cool stuff he has done.  Tweet out to him or message him through Tumblr.

It was nice to meet you today.  The book making website I was talking about today was and those little cards I gave you was from

Basketball with Graeme From The Everyday Challenge

Sunday, August 18th, 2013


One day a little while back… I received a message through tumblr commenting about the basketball shots I posted that were from the courts in Peterborough at Simcoe + Bethune.  I then followed him back and went backwards on his tumblr and found him very interesting about what he was doing with his project.  It reminded me of my 101 list that I so need to kick myself in the butt to complete or try to complete while leaving the things that have a larger cost to them.

 Graeme is a cool guy and we said that we should meet up at the courts.  I started to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.  It’s cool that “people of the internet” as he calls them will message him and give him a task or a project to complete and he does it.  I like it how he wants to document it through video and pictures.  I watched a couple of his videos and asked him to bring his GoPro camera to play basketball and we could wear a helmet and take some POV shots of us playing.

The other day we played one morning where my body was pretty sore… but after a couple of minutes we started to warm up.  We moved the camera around for some different angles and I even squatted below the basket and he climbed up on my shoulders and I stood up for him to climb up behind the backboard to attach the camera to take some different vantage points.

A couple of days later…. he edited up the video and posted it on his Youtube account.

After playing (really shooting around) for a bit… we sat on the bench and I talked to him about my usual talking points.  I told him about Evernote, Couchsurfing, Kiva and AIRBnB.  I also told him about Casey Neistat and how he shoots videos.  When I got home… I sent him a request to make a free loan with Kiva and he did.  He posted it on tumblr:   By having Graeme doing his free $25 trial… I received a $25 bonus and I loaned that out to Emmanuel from Kenya who needed a little over $1,000 to buy some medicine stock and a microscope.  He also plans to open his own Hospital in the future and help his local community.  I sent Graeme some links to check out of the websites I talked about as well as some videos of Casey to study how he shoots and edits.

I personally find Graeme inspiring on how he looks at life and pushes himself to try new things that are in his comfort zone and outside it.  I also like the way he documents things so he can look backwards one day at the things he has done and also share with people through his life.  Below is a little mashup of a look back at his past year and little snippets of the things he did as part of his project.

Follow Graeme here:

Tumblr Blog