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New Mixtape | Night At The Hotel | Chillout + Remixes | Rattlebear Series

Thursday, January 15th, 2015


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New mixtape that goes with the Chillout Series under the Rattlebear/Gates Series.  2 songs are an hour long each.  This mixtape is 3.5 hours of sweet tracks.

Download them here.  These mixtapes give me such a smile on my face.

Hotels are sometimes crazy… so you need music to drown out the outside world and keep the outside world from knowing your business.  This little mixtape was made for a night with LMS.

Still + Quiet | Cottage Morning

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


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all simple things…

Cottage Mornings At Rattlebear

Monday, September 1st, 2014

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It’s fun to photograph the simple and sweet of the morning…


Best Playlist For Stripping | Room + Candles + A Chair

Friday, August 29th, 2014


Below is a mix of songs for the perfect evening.  All you need is some ciders for courage, a chair, a participant, the showgirl, candles, dim lights and all night.

The first song of the mix will kill you.   Later in the mix Lana will seduce you.  The mix is a little over a hour.

Sit someone in a chair and go to town.  Go slow.  Enjoy.  Tease.  Tie them up on the chair if you have to.  Then enjoy the evening.  Will always look at the picture with this chair below and remember this mix and the BTB moment with LMS at her home.  The next morning… I snapped this picture from the chair from the night before.  She is the sexiest woman I’ve ever had my hands on.  She utterly kills me.

Now… when I hear this mix… I remember that night.


It’s cold this winter.  Have fun.  Do something you never done before.

You can download the mix that is in the YouTube video here to import into your iTunes.

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New Mixtape: Weekend At The Gates & Rattlebear (Chillout + Remixes)

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


happy songs with some beats and a little bit of groove…  if you like chillout and remixes… you will like these mixtapes below.  these were made for sweetbetty for weekends with her at her home, cottage or even sleep over at a hotel.  everyone needs music.  it’s fun to pick the images on the mixtape cover.


They have a bit of a faster grove for the weekend of chilling around the house or sitting on the back deck.  You can use these mixes for running errands if you want a bit of a jolt to your system.

You can download the mixtape above right here:  DOWNLOAD


Excuse my big feet below.  My right foot looks huge!  You can view the second mix below:


It’s 2 hours and 30 minutes of a sweet mix.  You can download it here.


The third mixtape is inspired from a “Weekend At Rattlebear” and you can check it out below.


 You can download the album two above here.


You can download Rattlebear 3 right here from my dropbox and upload into your iTunes.


1-2013-04-23 18.14.18

You can upload the Hotel mix right here.

If you download all three volumes you will have 74 songs that total 8 hours of music.

A New Chapter | Comfort Is So Many Things

Monday, August 25th, 2014

1-20140712-DSC_0017i connected with this wonderful woman.  she is sweet and stunning.  she makes me smile.  she is passionate and refreshing.  she makes me think.

you never know how long you will be with someone so its better to just live and enjoy the moments you have together no matter when they come or how much time is in between them.

she is fun to kiss and you have no idea and I can’t get my hands off her when she is nearby