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Dan Dewey | Dan’s Coffee Run | Starbucks | Cancer

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016


Dan Dewey is my hero.  Truly wonderful how he did this for many years before anyone knew.  He just flew out to LA to be on a talk show that airs on Friday.  Just a couple of weeks ago… someone bought him a car and left it for him.  Val who used to work at Starbucks helped him set up his Facebook Page (which you should like).

Here is the first little video that started it off for him.  Your more than welcome to send some money and buy a round of coffee that happens each week.  He is outside of Detroit.  You can even message him and meet him at Starbucks and help him deliver it to the hospital and hand it out.

Starbucks + Magazines @ Chapters = Love

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


It’s nice to go to Chapters and order a Bucketinti from Starbucks + use the card and earn a star + then look at all the free Magazines sitting on the ledge by the window.  It’s a nice thing to do on a weekend.

Tall Vanilla Blonde’s and better than Short Stubborn Gingers.