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The Baller | She Wishes She Was Taller

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

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so nice to be able to be off work when she is playing in a tourney.  i got to watch 3 games as the bolts played 3 other schools and lost each game.  the other teams had some players that were very skilled for her grade level.  her pg was really good at fishing into the lane where she would turn it over.

boo got some buckets and i can’t wait for her to go to D’OC and have a real coach and have real practices and play more games than just one tourney for the season and play 3 games.

I remember when she was much smaller for the Bolts and I was lucky to be able to catch a game where she took it to the rack below:


Taking The Rock To The Hole | Hoopin

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

This past week was pretty awesome.  I had the opportunity to watch my daughter play basketball.  Pretty awesome!  They just played a little exhibition game against another school.




Then in the second half… she got the ball on the wing and took off to the basket to score a hoop.  They won 10 to 8.

z chantal hoop

I love watching her play.  Blessed I get the opportunity to watch her.


Next she will be dropping bombs like her old man…


Volleyball Tournament

Monday, November 19th, 2012

It was great today to go and watch her play Volleyball.  Basketball is next up for her at School.  But she always wants to take control of my iPod and play some games or listen to music.

It’s awesome that she likes ugly shoes like me.

I think I can take pictures of her all day.  It’s so much fun to watch your kids play sports.