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It’s Ok To Have A Cloudy Head | It’s Sometimes Hard To See Where You Are Going | Hard To Focus

Friday, February 15th, 2013






Just get through today.  Just go day by day.  Just keep going forward.  There is no finish line.  Keep your head up and your heart strong.  I do that.  I have been humbled, dropped to my knees where it’s hard to get up.  I try and get up and I fall.  I fail.  I make mistakes.  I make many mistakes.  I forgive.  I try and forget.  I regret.  I try.  I have good days.  I have bad days.  I am thankful.  I appreciate things and people.  I’m excited for those who I have not met yet.  I am blessed.  I am human.  I am a man.  I am a good father.  I am not a good father.  I have ups.  I have downs.  I am judged incorrectly and others perceive impressions that are incorrect of me.

Day By Day…

I am thankful for many little things.  I know that.  My kids keep me going.

Day By Day…