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Two On Two | Fall Outdoor Hoops

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014


Ball season outside is coming to a close.  Last night the dew on the court made it slippery by around 7:30.  Played for a hour.  When I got there… we played some two on two.  I wish I was playing indoors in a league.  With work and my schedule being all over the place… I can’t join a men’s league.  Hopefully I can find some good runs at the YMCA or over at Flemming at the Rec Ctr.

Two on Two | Simcoe & Bethune Courts in Peterborough Ontario from Speed on Vimeo.

Two On Two | Simcoe & Bethune Courts

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


Aug 20th: Played ball for 4 hours last night.  I had the chance to play about 4 games of full court and then two long sessions of “52” that I came out mostly on top.  That switched to 1 on 1… where I was handed about 4 straight losses.  Some games were close like 11-7… but some where bad.  My partner is way better at me and being 19 years old and can drive and shoot… made my work guarding him tough.

Some clips of the full court games are below.  The camera didn’t capture the action at the other end of the court so I just put some buckets together.  I missed about 5 good looks…. but to post that would be boring.

Night Ball At The Basketball Courts | Peterborough | Simcoe & Bethune from Speed on Vimeo.


Aug 12:  Played ball last night and played for about 3 hours.  Played full for the most part.  When people started to go home… I picked up a little two on two game.  I was exhausted.  I just wanted to let my partner score.  It’s a boring little video… but it was nice to hit the courts.

A little game of hide & seek below:

Playing Hide & Seek During Basketball | Where Did He Go? from Speed on Vimeo.

A Quick Walk | Never Fast Enough > Then Ball @ Simcoe + Bethune

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

1-DSC_0006-001It’s neat when your walking to the courts and see people playing.  It makes you want to be there faster and you want to get right on the court and play.

1-DSC_0082-001After our run of 4’s.  We played some two’s.  Me and Skinny vs Manson and Manny.



I laugh that since I know the camera will automatically take a picture every 4 seconds.  If I’m playing and I hear “click” then I count to 3 and then shoot.  I think that is why I never have any shots of other people shooting when my camera is set to shoot every 4 seconds and it sits on the bench.


After Manny and Manson (yes… he reminds me of Charles)… me and the young buck played one on one.  He is strong down low on his post moves and great with holding the ball.  I whacked him a couple of times.  I got lucky and beat him 31 to 30.  He played for a couple of hours tho.  I had him 18-8 at one time.



Skinny was playing me out to the 3 point line to crowd me and go for steals.



Soon… it will be too cold to play outdoors…

Old Man Playing Hoops | Simcoe + Bethune Courts, Peterborough

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

It’s nice to get out and try and run up and down like the old days.  Everyone is basically half my age.  My calf injury that followed me from last season has not come back in the past month.


Goofing with the camera and have it shoot a shot every 8 seconds.  It’s very rare you get it to fire when your shooting.   LOL I could only find one of my longer socks.  There is another on inside the right somewhere.  Shooting in between games.  I brought two shirts since it does not take long for it to be drenched.