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Ry X | Toronto | October 23rd – The Great Hall

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


October 23rd – The Great Hall, Toronto

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intimate + calm

the lovely lady india bourne will be supporting him ūüėČ

Ry X | Pure Nakedy Music In My Mind | Lie In Bed Music

Thursday, March 26th, 2015


Ry X is pure lust. ¬†pure lie down on top of the covers type of music on a hot summer’s day or evening. ¬†it’s calm. ¬†soothing. ¬†magical.

people also need countdowns.  countdowns are fun.  i would suggest to have a countdown screensaver and find an exact moment to countdown.  try and work out the exact moment you will enter her house and where you will find her inside.

i found a little gem on youtube and i ripped it. ¬†i ripped it to bring me back to so many sweet sweet sweet moments in my head from visits with LMS. ¬†it makes me smile. ¬†smirk. ¬†it makes me forget what i’m doing.


blindfold someone and kiss them to it.  make them a fan of it also.

then repeat. ¬†make it a magical hour. ¬†I will add an album cover and make a “Lie With LMS” mixtape with handpicked songs.

everyone needs to be teased. ¬†what you can’t see you will use your other senses to see and feel things. ¬†just sayin.