Dancing In The Kitchen | Would There Be Any Wars? | Do This On The Weekend

Step 1:  You did it!  Your here on this post looking at it.  Your on your way to a great day!

Step 1b:  Go to the Kitchen and put your laptop on the counter.  If you really need help… turn it on.

Step 2: Play this video above on YouTube (pause it if your internet sucks) and then play it with sound on a laptop on the counter in your kitchen

Step 3: Ask your Love to come into the kitchen quick.  Put some urgency in your voice like if you were trapped somewhere.  When they come into the kitchen tell them to come here and kiss them when they approach.  Then ask them if they want to dance.

After:  Tell them to go sit down and that you will bring them a cup a tea and tell them you want to sit and plan-out your afternoon with them.

One day I will have someone I can do this with…