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Sunday Throwback | Afternoon On Kings Cresent with Special Company | I Miss

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

When living on Kings Crescent in Ajax and having my parents visiting with us from Nova Scotia… I snapped some pictures on the weekend with everyone over on the front porch just hanging out.

Chantal was small then. Noah was not born or thought of and my Mother was still with us.  Such a cute little house that I miss.  I miss that porch and backing onto the park behind us.

My Mom | Frances Deveau

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Many days… I think about my Mom.  Everyone has one.  Just some are not with us any more…


This was snapped from a photo album found at my Dad’s in Nova Scotia.  I actually don’t remember my mother looking like this.


My Mother is on the left and her Sister (Aunt Bea) is in the middle and Jannette is on the right.  My Mom and her sisters used to travel for a girls weekend to PEI back in the old days.


Another older picture of my Mom with a ciggy.  She quit with my Dad when I was around 10ish.


A photo of my Mom and myself and Pat playing cards in the motorhome while camping.


Older picture of my Dad and my Mom on our old street in Ajax.