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On The Road Again & Congrats! | Kieran Ball + Hollie Harrington

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

I was on my Vimeo feed yesterday and noticed a new video from Kieran.  It’s inspiring on how it’s shot using clips from a little trip through the States they did.  I posted another video that he shot here.  He mentions a special ending and he is right.  Congrats!  If you ever come to Toronto… would love to take you out to dinner and show you around.  I know you will keep shooting snaps and video clips… so keep putting them together.  Cheers!


Finding a woman with freckles is a sweet thing in life.  Best Wishes!

On The Road Again from Kieran Ball & Hollie Harrington on Vimeo.

A three-week roadtrip with a rather special ending, starting at our friend’s wedding in Michigan and ending in Florida, via West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Thanks to everyone we hung out along the way who made it the most epic trip imaginable!!

Music: Down The Road – C2C

Another video… I posted on my Tumblr and maybe this blog is the 1900 Reasons, which highlights an 8 month trip.  Wild ride.  I need to find a woman like Hollie.

1900 Reasons from Kieran Ball & Hollie Harrington on Vimeo.

Toronto | Get Out + Explore | So many great little places…

Friday, August 9th, 2013


There is so many little places to explore.  To drive around.  To stop and get out and walk and explore.  So many different people with cultures that are not like yours.  New food.  New stores.  Just people living and getting by the best they can.

I look at urban photography and it’s striking.  So simple the portraits of city life.  How come when I walk around… it’s hard to see the moments and have it trigger in my mind to capture that perspective?

Summer is fading fast.