Why I Admire How Casey Neistat Tells A Story + Edits + Documents Life


Why do I enjoying watching Casey’s YouTube Channel everyday to see his yesterday?

It is simply his outlook on life and his storytelling along with his editing.  Dude makes a video of everyday an films it in a very interesting style to help tell a story.  He gets better and better at his editing and how he films sequences from other points of view is wild.  The video above highlights some of this.

Interesting video from Nerdwriter below that highlights certain things.  If you watch is vlog… you will notice he is over 500 days in a row.  His channel just passed 1 Billon views.  His daily view average on his daily vlogs is around 1.5 million.  He is at 4.2 Million subscribers.

Someone went through his vlogs… and edited his perspective on things.  It’s very interesting and you can watch it to get an idea of what makes him tick.  It’s kind of his “meaning of life”.  So much good advice.

Here is Part Two below:


If you watch his vlogs more closely and focus on the time and effort he uses to set up shots or add in little details to his surrounding space… is wild.  Dude shoots footage during the day… then edits the footage deciding what to keep and what to not use and also adds music to highlight the story.

My fave vlogs are when he is traveling.  Here is some in a row right here:


I also like the little story of Casey + Candice and it’s great that he can go back in his archives and grab footage and bring it into his stories.

Trying to do some little storytelling of my own is humbling and makes me appreciate how effortlessly easy it is… and it’s not.

Wedding Photo | Before + After | Post Processing | Love

Love this image.  I was driving to a reception venue and noticed a little farmer’s field with a little open gate.  I was in front of the limo so I singled and pulled over into the shoulder and asked the couple if I could have 5 minutes with them for a little shoot in the field.  One of the shots that I loved from the set was the one below.

In post-processing I wanted to add some layers to give it a different look.


I added some texture by to the image by adding some shots of swirling grass that you can see in between their heads and on the right of her head.  I took out the grass that overlapped her head since what woman would want swirly lines on her face.    I added some pictures of a sidewalk concrete on his shoulder and it’s tinted red.  I added some blur to take away from him so your eyes concentrate on her more.  I added a bit of a “vintage” feel through the image with the tones.

Here is what I was working with before the edits below:


For me… I’m always in love with this image for some reason.  Such a happy couple.  I do remember the grooms Mom didn’t like it since I cut him off on purpose.  The shot was more with her than him.