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Failed Trip To Europe With The Kids

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Planned a trip with the kids to Europe in the summer of 2015 and she fucks that up at the last minute.

2016 same thing.  plan a trip and she is too scared to have them go that far and we end up getting permission to take them to Nova Scotia.  (fuck tho)

2017 I plan time and my daughter starts working with the Town of Ajax so I split my vacation to take my son to Europe and then take my daughter separately and she has stupid excuses asking if there is hospitals in Portugal.  I have things booked… flights, Airbnb’s and even a stay at a cool waterpark.

just silence.


so she comes back with they can’t go alone and they need to go together… so i change my vacation for October and get the approval from her that they can be pulled out of school and we can go to europe in October 2017.

I loose some deposits and she has no idea what a piece of work she looks like.


So October comes and I get the no from her.  kids are mad and they know she always does this.  I end up going to Nova Scotia alone to visit with my Dad.

Fast forward to 2018 and when the year turns I send her my vacation weeks so she can block them off or put them into her “Mom Planner” thing she uses.  Kids are getting excited and on one had they know that she might do this again.

What do you know…  she does it again.  I think of a plan B trip since she has the passports and I can’t even take them to the States.  I book a week at Silent Lake and I then get they can’t since of her fucking wedding and his kids from the UK are over and she has stuff planned with them everyday.


The Cold War Is Over

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017


it happened.  it really happened.  she stopped lying to them.  they heard they didn’t have internet at home.  the boyfriend would let Noah watch YouTube videos on his laptop.  my kids know if they took that laptop into a forest you could not watch YouTube on it.

she gave in.

they were now online.

i gave Noah my older iPhone.  i put apps on it and i logged him into his Facebook account.


on Instagram… kids follow everyone.  just like me following 1,600 strangers on Tumblr.  so when FB says… “Noah, you should know so and so to add…”

he just added.  he has limited people on FB so it was mostly people i was friends with.

i noticed he added like 4 people.  some i didn’t know.

he was at school on wifi.


i had to login to his FB and cancel all the requests he sent and delete the people he added.  i had to explain that you add people to FB that you really know and you have an interest in them + want to share.

they have wifi and that’s all the matters.

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Thursday, August 13th, 2015

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