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DYI Desk Project 2.0 | On My Desk At Work

Saturday, September 10th, 2016


About a year and a half ago… I made a little DYI desk project to help me at work to daydream and remember little moments in the past.  It is an accordion style thingy that has 5 panels on one side and you can turn it around to switch it up.   I thought it was time to have 10 more 5×7 panels printed to give me some new things to look at.

Above is one panel.  I’ve selected 5 collages to be one one side and they are on this post and the other 5 panels are private for two reasons.  I will try and get a better picture of it so you can understand of what it looks like all folded out.  Here are the 5 public panels.


When selecting images and what to put on each panel… I tried to have the kids, a quote, something about traveling, food, music and something about the “lust” of a woman.  u3

Photos are from tumblr, my instagram and taken from my phone.


What I love about images is that some have a “double meaning” so a certain hand selected image on the top photo with the little wall hook in the bottom left mean more to me that how you would see that image and looking back in 10 years of that little wall hook wanting to fight will remind me of where that wall hook was hanging and reminds me you don’t have to have anything to be happy.


The 10 panels that I took off will be kept and my goal is to make wallpaper with them that will be coated with a gloss and will be in the office wall of my tiny house.  So it will be a collection of things that inspire me or make me reflective.  Sort of my tumblr feed on my wall.