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I really want to take my kids to Baseball Games downtown at the dome.  I want them to chill in the sun and listen to the buzz of the crowd and get used to the slow game.  This year… I want to start to do more individual things with them.  I’m going to set up my weekends and do some in the middle of the week.

One of my things is to sign him out of school and take him to a baseball game with just me for Daddy & Son Day.

OSE Video | April 8th to 16th 2016


We hit Snakes & Lattes and we had a blast downtown.  Another thing we like to do is when we see posters in the underground we like to post like the people in the posters.

2016 ipod photos

Below is my video for the period:


I wanted to take the kids to the Home Opener of the Blue Jays but it was nuts to try and get tickets… so we headed back downtown for the Home Opener Weekend and watch them win on Sunday.  The only 3 seats were nosebleeds in right field.  The kids had a blast and the guy trying to start the wave was hilarious.

Eastern 100%

Next was heading down to Game One of the Toronto Raptors push into the NBA Playoffs at Jurassic Park.  We had a blast and it was nuts downtown with all the Raptors Peeps!  The kids loved being on the big screen and being on TV.


We were all decked out in Jerseys and gear.  Noah work my 2001 player issued D.Dial jersey and it was funny with fans asking if he was a die-hard fan with the seldom used guards jersey.

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Completed: Attend a Blue Jays Game with the kids.

I’ve wanted to take the kids out of school and sign them out and take them to a Blue Jay game.  I will do that in the future.  The first thing we had to do is attend a baseball game just the 3 of us.  We had a blast.  It was a hot day in the sun.  The next game we go to will be an evening game and we will get some closer seats.

Blue Jay Game With The Kids from Speed on Vimeo.