Euro2019 Trip | Leg Five | Zurich, Switzerland & Innsbruck, Austria

On our last night in Lisbon, we were going to have dinner at midnight and chill on a patio and taxi to the airport for a 6AM TAP flight and maximize our Lisbon time and save some money by not getting a room for a couple of hours.  But when looking at flight options, we found it was better to try and leave on TAP in the evening.  Why?…  If we ended up not getting on the plane we would be “airside” and through security making it easier to sleep in the airport overnight and we would then be going for the 6AM flight to Zurich.  Also, if we make the flight, we will land at 11:30pm and our goal is to sleep “airside” in the Zurich Airport and leave in the morning.  This keeps 200CAD in my pocket since places in Zurich are quite expensive with last minute accommodation options.  Plus, who wants to book a room if you don’t know if you will make it on the flight.  So, by doing this, it will give us the full day tomorrow in Zurich and I found a place by the water for 131CAD for the night when planning the trip.

Zurich was just used as a gateway to the mountains.  Our goal was to take a train to Innsbruck to spend three nights in the mountains and the famous mountain coasters.  Video above shows us landing in Zurich and sleeping in the airport.  My daughter had no idea who “Bernie” was 😉

Zurich tip: Don’t buy anything from Starbucks or even pop which is crazy expensive.  TripAdvisor recommended eating at Manora which is a rooftop restaurant which had excellent food at a great price.  Also, we picked up the 24hr transit pass that allowed us to get into the city from the airport by train and all the trams and also the water shuttle that we used as a free river cruise.  Zurich was a quick stop for us and we had just the one full day.



The video above covers our train from Zurich to Innsbruck, Austria (23CAD pp).  We would spend three nights in a cool little AirBnB apartment for $62CAD per night.  Kids loved taking a train through the mountains.  Noah slept.  We had a little compartment all to ourselves, so Drizzy made it 4 of us.  After arriving in Innsbruck, we decided to get the Innsbruck Card that you can buy for 1, 2 or 3 days.  We decided to get the two day pass (65CAD pp) that gave us all trains and buses in the city and also the gondola for about 8 mountains to go up and a whack of museums and a free 3 hour bike rental.  You can google what the card will give you and show you what the normal price is.  To go up the mountain you see in the video above.  The cost of that alone would have been more than the cost of the Innsbruck card.

My Son was scared to go up the mountain.  We told him it was like winter up there and I packed him a jacket and long pants to change at the top to scare him.  I made him pack his sleeping bag in case we get stuck up there and would have to sleep overnight hugging the side of the mountain.  My Daughter was in on it with me.

Innsbruck is sweet.  It’s about a hour south of Munich by train.  The mountains are incredible.  In the video below you can see us going down the Mieders Alpine Slide (14CAD per ride) and the ride itself takes about 7 minutes to go down.  We bought 15 trips.  This trip was built around going to Austria to ride on these coasters.  My kids loved it and worth the money.  If you watch the video below… you will see that I almost was not allowed to ride it.

After three nights in Innsbruck, we had “train day” back to Prague to fly home.  We took a train to Vienna (4hrs + 30CAD pp) to stop and have a short 3hr layover for lunch.  Then we took another train (4hrs + 19CAD pp) to Prague to spend a night at the same hostel we stayed previously to start the trip.  We were sad to head back to Canada with our backpacks.  Our phones were full of photos and videos.  We went over “our story” of what we would tell the “Mom”.  She wouldn’t like us sleeping in airports.  40 open spots on Air Canada Rouge and they upgraded us to a row with more room.

We also talked about our next trip next year to Thailand and Vietnam to rent motorcycles and ride the countryside.

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