Couchsurfing in Innsbruck, Austria | Can We Tent In Your Backyard?

I’ve been a member of couchsurfing since splitting up with my wife in 2012.  I hosted Ben from England who was staring out with his trip all across North America.

I’m in the process of planning a 16 day trip around a little bit of Europe and we have 3.5 days in Innsbruck Austria.  Some of the details on the trip is here.

We are excited about Innsbruck with the mountains and the many alpine coasters.  We will be coming from Lisbon, Portugal and we will fly into Zurich and spend a half day there.  The morning of Aug 9th we will take a train to Innsbruck.  I’m shocked by the cost of hotels in Innsbruck and the surrounding areas.  Some are $250-$350CAD per night.  I found one on that is about 2km from the city for nights 2 and 3.  Don’t have something for night 1 yet.

We are thinking of getting a tent in Lisbon to camp in.  I’m sure we can do some stealth camping and find the edge of a forest and set up a tent at 11pm when it’s dark and wake up in the morning to pack up.

It would be great to use Couchsurfing to find a backyard to pitch a tent for 3 nights just to crash each night around 11pm quietly.  Then we will cancel our hotel and use that money for adventures in Innsbruck more.

3 nice Canadians below.  My Daughter Chantal is 18 and will be off to post secondary school this fall.  My Son, Noah is 12 and all three of us are super excited to travel by plane, train and explore some cities.  We are looking forward to meeting new people, eating new food and learning different european cultures and exploring cities!

The three of us have a blast together.  Just don’t tell the “Mom”  😉

We are arriving in the afternoon on the 9th of August and we are departing just after 7am on the 12th by train to Vienna, then Prague to fly home.  This would be a huge help for us.

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