Where did June + July Go?

it’s been a long time since i did my little quarterly update.  life has not been that fun.  it’s been work, sleep and… well… not that much.  why is the summer going way too fast?

my friend shelly has a nice deck and it’s nice to sit out but this summer the mosquitos have been brutal.  i’ve taken myself out to dinner now and then.  nothing wrong with going out alone for dinner or a quiet coffee downtown.  some shots above are from Tim’s cottage north of PTBO which is such a lovely retreat.  planning on spending some time next week at silent lake provincial park and hopefully some time at the cottage before the summer moves into fall.  such a beautiful lake for swimming and just relaxing up at Tim’s cottage…  more about that below on why silent lake and not europe with the kids.

everyone needs good coffee. and so happy I picked up a really great grinder and pour-over set for work or camping.  looking back a little…  casey in toronto for bufferfest was cool.  a little stealth camping to help with work has been nice.  a little ball in the spring and for some reason… i’m not in that great of shape which will change.  played a bit of tennis which has been nice.

did a little bit of shopping for a trip to europe with the kids and a second place last minute camping trip in Ontario.  also picked up some hammocks for camping and camping stealth… which leads into a trip with the kids to explore europe… which failed >  you can view this blog post for more context how this trip attempt #3 was turned down by my ex.  speaking about my ex she is planning a wedding for two weeks from now 😉  can’t be a real one since we are technically still separated… but this “i promise to..” wedding is happening and her dude is a normal nice guy that is nice with my kids so that makes me happy.

Chantal is enjoying the summer working at DQ for the hustle and Noah is in video game land.

love this new little band i found on spotify (Khruangbin)

me and my roomie will find a new place to live in sept and oct since the landlord is selling the house… so new beginnings for both of us.  change helps you i feel… so change is good.


yes what’s stopping me?  WTF.  Something has to change and change it will.  enough typing it or saying it.  in front of me is 302 to 232.  it’s all about tracking everything into my pie hole via the “Lose It” app on my phone/website and also being healthy by going to the gym for cardio, weights and yoga.  being in shape gives me a shot at being attractive to someone.

women are magical.  you should see my private tumblr… which you won’t 😉    who wouldn’t want to go away to italy or anywhere with someone.  life is full of beautiful souls and they keep me up at night wanting to kiss them all   look at my spotify playlists or my “crazy” tumblr and you will have an idea.

i crave many things.  simple is sweet to appreciate once you are in her presence.  she is 3 things.

work.  approaching 4 years in sept.  can feel a change in culture.  need to use my benefits more for little sneak away trips.  today… I was looking into Passenger tickets in LA for Nov 6th and the 3 hour train to San Diego along the coast the next day to see the Paper Kites and fly home with the thought of a sweet woman who can sneak away.  Lufty has turned 15 in YPQ and they held a little party and the company passed out some gifts for getting the fifth star from skytrax.  cool they are the only 5star airline in europe.


well… i will try and update more on a quarterly basis and try and blog more and share.  also time to get going harder on my 101 things to do in a 1001 days.

for a little bio on me… you can find it here.



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