Will You Have a Sunday Night Ben Howard Concert With Me


Sunday night and I’m going to have a concert on the blog with my boy Ben Howard.  It’s a little concert with a couple of YouTube vids to play in a row.  I might type a little under each one.

Just a little concert on a cooler October night.  Might as well get in bed with his one.  This is more of “old Ben” with songs from is first album released main stream.

It’s a earbud concert with an iPad or even a laptop to watch.   It’s about 25 minutes long.  I would honestly bring up the sound as loud as you can get it.

First song above is “Old Pine” which is a nice song to start off.  It opens the “Every Kingdom” CD.

It’s a little 6:53 song.  It’s also a nice slow peaceful song till the 4:46 mark and it will start to build till the 5:45 mark and this always brings a smile to my face.

You will notice the lovely Lady India Bourne on the magnificent cello and Chris Bond back on the drums and also playing base.


Next is Gracious and it’s a little 5:34 song in length.  This is a little quiet song that makes the mind peaceful.

Now we are a little over the 10 min mark in the set of our little Sunday night concert.

Next up is Black Flies below…

This song will get us to the 19 minute mark.  You think the song is going to wrap up around the 5 min mark.  Nope.  It’s building again.  I remember before going to his concert… I ripped a full concert from YouTube and imported it into my iTunes and then I would listen to and from work on my iPod.   A sweet build to the end of the week with the concert.


The last song : The Fear

This was my song of the year for 2012 and I’m in love always with the live version played at concerts where he looses his shit at the end on the guitar.  I love India standing to the left on the drums.

3:50 in… the build will start.

4:45… the words is the reason why I love this song.

5:10 India

5:20 India Swoon

6:15 More India love

6:36 song over…

Nope.  Ben is going to loose his shit.

This song was wild at Echo Beach in 2013 in Toronto.  Wild.  It was also wild at the Mod Club in Toronto in the fall of 2012.

Concert is over at the 26 min mark.  


What… ???  You Clapping for more???

Ok one more.  You need to like “Promise” and feel it out for the quiet beauty it is.

The encore to soften it up.  Just a sweet sweet song to get to bed to.  It’s 6 min of mellowing haunting guitar and soft vocals.



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