OSE Everyday | March 2016


I’m trying to get back in the swing of things recording and documenting.


I’ve decided to get the OSE going again and I will try not to stop.  Below is the first part of March up to about the 20th.  It’s boring since I’ve been working and sleeping.  I also wanted to grab some Lisbon clips so the kids and see the city and get an idea of what the country is like.

ok… I’m continuing to record… everyday…


OSE Everyday | Video Twenty | March 2016 from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

This video starts off at the beginning of the March where the Raptors are finding their groove and I’m working the late shift at work from 11pm to 7am.  In the middle of the month I get to see the kids and we hang out at the “Super 4”.  We filmed our first “Thug Life” and you can view the series here.  I’m sure we will keep making them.  We also did a little hike in the Rotary Park marsh.  It’s been hard to talk to the kids on the phone and the end of the video highlights a trip I want to take with them near the end of the year to Lisbon.


Never leave your phone unattended or this will happen.

Eastern 100%


I’ve moved over all my OSE videos to YouTube and you can find the links here.  March was a pretty boring month of working nights.



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