Happy Thanksgiving | Who Is Coming To My Place Next Year?


No idea where I will be next year… but if I can’t have Turkey… I will head to Marche downtown for Turkey Dinner and the whole world is invited.  This video made me understand how Casey’s head spins.  Love this video and it’s cool to see Owen and how little he was and it’s nice to see Candace in it as well.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to everyone!  I used to love cooking Turkey and all the trimmings and decorating the house.  I’m excited in my new life away from Karen and just wished I could be closer to the kids.  I’m excited for this weekend since I get to see them.  In Thanksgiving’s in the past… I have been screwed a bit by her.  So I’m wondering what is in store for this weekend.

Let’s get back on the positive side.  Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone can spend it with the people that are close to them!

You must watch the video from Casey to help with the kitchen prep so you can work out your chart for victory!

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