Beat Ali At 3 Sets in Tennis + Join A Local Tennis Club

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 I played Ali Faroouqi at Tennis in the summer of 2012 and on my past 101 list… I have to play and beat him playing 3 sets.   We played 3 sets and I lost all 3 sets.  With time demands we have not had a rematch.  Always looking for people to play with.  I even purchased a new stick to hit the balls with.  I now own four raquets and balls and I’ve gone out and hit some balls and loosen up.

I’ve always had a love for Tennis and always wanted to join the Ajax Tennis Club.  I’ve also had this little plan that both my kids would have a love for the game and we could play till we are old.

I want to kick his skinny ass.

So this is on my present 101 list and it’s two fold.  One to sign up for a local Tennis Club somewhere and to also get out and play some new people and also set something with Ali in Whitby.

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