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On Hold | Task #10 of 101:  Transfer all my Music CD’s Into the Laptop & delete crappy songs.  Notes:  My iTunes failed on this computer so when I purchase a new computer I will have to start this project over again and redo my entire music library…  I’ve also been importing CD’s from the local Library.  I’m also sorting every song by rating it 1 though 5 and adding it to playlists.

 To battle through that… I’ve created the following “smart list” with the following rules:

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It pulls through all the songs that don’t have a rating that is older than 6 months and pulls in enough songs to fill 6 hours of music.  I have this playlist on my ipod.  So when I’m commuting to work… I simply go song by song and rate them.

1 star = delete from iTunes

2 stars = don’t really like but it needs to have one more chance to be reviewed.

3 stars = I’m on the fence with the song. (I’ll explain later about my next step on what I will do)

4 stars = I like the song.

5 stars = I love the song.

So what happens is each night when I sync my iPod to my iTunes… since the songs are ranked… they will disappear from the playlist since they don’t fit the first rule and I will have all new songs to review.  I have another “smart playlist” that will list all the songs rated in the last 3 days that are a 4/5 out of 5 stars.  These songs are then added to new playlists if I feel they should be in that rotation.

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This is what I have to do to completely sort my iTunes and will be my goal this winter.  I’ve already started doing this:

1) Finish ranking all songs in my iTunes that are not rated.

2) After all songs are rated… then I will build a “smart playlist that will show me all songs that are a “2/5”.  I will then listen to these songs again and pick to delete them or move them to a 3/5.

3) I will then do the same and listen to all the 4’s.  I will set up the smart playlist to go through each song and leave it as a 4 or move it to a 3 (or lower).

4) I will then do that to all the 3’s as the final step in sorting the songs.  They will be moved up to a 4 or down to a 2.

5) I will then have all my songs sorted and then I will go through all the 5’s that are not in a mixtape and consider which ones should be added.  I basically use the large mixtape playlists for my everyday listening.

6) I will have all the 4’s sorted and see which one’s should then be added into the mixtapes.

7) Last… I have some other playlists that are like “Radio Stations” and I will add all the 3 to 5’s that are not in a mixtape into those.

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