Little Miss Sweetness | Who Is She?

iPhone_4_Little_Miss_Sunshine_wallpapershe exists.  she is a cute kissable woman who is beautiful inside and her mind is positive.  she wants to enjoy the little things and is always open to new things.

someone asked me the other day… who is LMS?

Well, there has been two of them and almost a 3rd that was in between the two of them listed below but that didn’t go anywhere so she has different letters 😉

(I’m posting this backdated post and today’s date is August 2016 and I’m hiding this post way back to 2013 on the blog and if someone goes through the LMS category… they will find it)

[LMS #1]


LMS started with this woman above.

I sent her a message after reading her online profile and we shared ideas and things about ourselves.  She was the first profile that I loved reading her paragraph and she was from Ajax.  Wait!!! She is my age… so… Who is she?  What school did she go to?

I had a basketball game in Ajax and she was going downtown with her Mom afterwork and I asked her if we could meet up even for 5 minutes on her way to her Mom’s.  I just wanted to see her for a couple of minutes and hear her voice.

At this time… we have not met in real life.

I’m shy with meeting someone new.  I’m actually more comfortable if I had the “green light” with someone and to me a “green light” is someone wants to kiss me back if I kissed them.  I think it is easier to stand and hug someone and hold them close than an awkward “hello”.

I wanted to soak her in and make the most of 5 min’s that I had with her and I didn’t want to be shy and awkward.  I asked her if I could meet her at a park around 6pm on a Wed and I asked her if we can simply hug like we have been apart for a long time and I asked her permission if I could kiss her right away when we walked up to each other.

She said yes.

She walked across the park and I just watched her.  I actually recorded this moment since I never knew where things would lead.  I was there first so I could just simply watch her.  I even waited for in the middle of a field so I could watch her approach.  I felt like a little kid.  She came up to me and I wrapped my arms around her right away.  She took my breath away.  I was lucky to extend her visit and I stole around 12 minutes with her and we didn’t talk at all.  Simply kissed her to figure out how she kissed and I kept hugging her and pulled her close.  I didn’t want it to end.  She had to run and I appreciated the extra couple of minutes that I stole from her.

She game me a little note and told me that she has thought about me all day.  She asked me to open it when I left.  I held my phone under my chin and recorded me opening it in the car and reading it after she left.  You can see the GIF that I made below in 2013 after that first meeting.


It was a little note with little panels about me to open.  I could not stop smiling opening each panel.

The next time I could see her… we had a couple of hours together to hang out.  We decided to head down to the Beaches to hit the MooMilk Bar and walked around and asked each other a million questions on what we thought about life and got to know each other a little.  I could not stop looking at her and I adored they way she drove with her one leg tucked underneath her.

2013-04-22 20.11.58

I didn’t know how much time she had that evening.  We didn’t talk about that.  Unfortunately,  I also made plans days earlier to head to Oshawa and sleep over at a friends house I used to work with and help him with some computer stuff later that night.  She wanted to drive me to Oshawa so I could meet up with my friend.  On the 401 heading through Whitby and about to get into Oshawa… I was quiet.  I must have had this serious look on my face as I was looking ahead staring out the window as she was driving.  “What’s wrong?” she asked.  I told her that I was mad at myself that I made plans to spend the evening at a guy’s house I worked with and I should be with her instead and I can’t believe I’m now heading to his place.

I asked her if she would be mad if I asked her if she could turn the car around and we can spend the night together instead.  She crossed lanes quickly on the 401 and got off at Stevenson Rd. and turned around and quickly drove to her house. We got to her house and the picture below which I love when it comes on my Tumblr dash reminds me of how we kissed as soon as we got in the house.

2013-04-23 18.17.43

She was incredible to kiss.  Her mind was sexy with how she thought about things and her mind was so attractive.  I could not soak up enough of her for that weekend.

She was “Little Miss Sweetness” that was a play from those little books “Little Miss Sunshine” and she made me a drawing shown below of who I was to her.

little mr bp - Page 001

We enjoyed another crazy weekend and after that.  What happened at the end of the weekend was sad.

Someone that I knew squished it on purpose to wreck it.  She just met me and she filled my head with something “real” that I wanted.  From her POV she didn’t know this person who contacted her or why she would be doing this.  Like anyone would do… She didn’t want any part of it and she pushed me away immediately and we never talked since.


After her… I liked the term LMS.  I thought it could stand for the person I was with or wanted to be with.  I was guarded and didn’t want to share anything to anyone if I had the chance to meet a wonderful woman.  So… I thought that the acronym “LMS” could mean the past, present or the future woman.  That any woman that is in my life would be my “little miss sweetness”.

Yes… I know.  I’m silly.  I’m cool with that.

Good Morning w/ Little Miss Sweetness from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

[LMS #2]

Then comes along this woman “SweetBetty” we will call her who defined the term “LMS” and we connected in the spring of 2014 that was documented in my OSE videos that I started to shoot at the same time.

She was simply stunning and so beautiful inside and out.  I’ve told her that she is 27 times better than me and I needed an chance.  I needed a fast head-start with her.  She joked before we met for the first time that I better be a good kisser or she will cut me loose.

Damn.  That’s gangsta.  😉

Since I was 1 for 1 with kissing someone off the bat for a long time to help with the shyness… I asked her if I could kiss her as soon as I see her against a wall and I told her I needed 7 minutes.  She agreed to give me that amount of time.  I picked a private meeting place in Ajax where she could walk through a door.  The plan was that when she entered I would walk up to her and put one ear bud into her ear and a selected song would play.  My rule for her is that she had to stand against a wall and put her hands to her side against the wall behind her.

I needed time to simply hold her face with my two hands and kiss her softly and tease her until I could move my hand behind her head and squeeze her hair when it was time to kiss her harder.

So I had the first 1:40 with her hands to her side and after 1:40 and the song stopped she could take her hands off the wall.


Screen shot of my iPod before she arrived as I nervously waited for her.



When the song shut off… I quickly turned the song back on to finish it and we kept kissing.


This scene from the opening of the movie “Junebug” inspired kissing SweetBetty against a wall.



I don’t remember the song ending.  (I think the earbuds fell out)

Since she came to meet me at an exact time at an exact location… I knew what time she arrived.  We kissed for such a long time standing up.  It was crazy.  We then left and went to get drinks close by and I know the exact time we left and I also I know the exact time I paid the bill for the drinks & the exact time she left to go home.

We had our first kiss and it lasted for 2 hours straight after she arrived against the wall on July 2nd 2014.

We had drinks for 2 hours and finally talked to each other.

We kissed again in the front seat of her car for 2 hours after drinks.  Somehow she ended up in the passenger seat with me.  Four hours of just kissing.  It was so refreshing and needed.

Text 2 days after kissing her for the first time.

Text she sent me 2 days after kissing her for the first time.


She is a very private person.  She knows I love to document moments.  We shared a private tumblr together that we both could post ideas and share thoughts on past meet-up’s and I would take screen shots of texts that make me smile and shake my head at and I wanted to document it along the way.


I created playlists and mixtapes that were songs to burn into my mind that would make me smile when I heard them again.  I wanted to devour her every-time I seen her.  She used my songs against me. I wanted to touch her different.  I wanted to kiss her different.  I wanted to keep her on her toes.  I wanted to surprise her.  She was in Toronto and I was in Peterborough.


We circled the calendar and countdowns were crazy for my mind.


I would countdown the exact moment I could put my hands on her as soon as I walked through her front door.


I could spend a weekend with her at the cottage and I could write out points that covered 6 pages of all the little wonderful things I could remember.  I did that and I would post them to that private tumblr.

The Friday night would blend into the Saturday morning and afternoon.  Saturday night would blend into Sunday morning.  We would leave for the three hour drive back to Toronto to spend the night in her bed at her house to kiss her again Monday morning before she would go to work and I would come back to Peterborough.

You would think that what happened Friday night would be the highlight of the weekend.  Only to be trumped by that crazy thing happened Saturday and then Sunday.  So every time I shake my head at what happened with her in that one weekend… I would realize that all three days were crazy and magical.



I’ve never been so lucky to kiss a woman with a beautiful mind so passionately.  I would think about being with her as soon as I left her.  Time moved by quickly and distance sucks with busy schedules.

She hated having her picture taken and I wanted to document little moments.  I would edit my OSE videos and let her preview them and give me permission to post them.  I wanted to have something to remember her after our little run ended.  So I would hold my iPod and capture her… or set it down and capture her and she would catch me.  She would hear the “beep” it would make.

LMS Small Clip from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.



I’ve talked a little in posts on here about her.  She truly is the only LMS.

I like the “Little Miss Sweetness” category on the blog and it stands for anyone past, present or future… but she truly is the only LMS.

You have no idea.  You have no idea.

I recently went through all 1,900 posts on the private tumblr to read texts and photos and so many tumblr posts that represented moments just shared or moments just about to happen.  I was scrolling through that tumblr to get to the first kiss night that lasted for a total of 4 hours… since I typed out the instructions of how this “first meeting” would take place.

Who over 30 years old kisses for 4 fucking hours?

Makes you think… why not.  Find the right person and sink yourself into them.  It’s such a wild ride.  Who says you can’t kiss someone like you were 18 again.

She made me crave that in any person I pursue now or want in the future.  I think when you are with someone you need to have this feeling that all you want to do is eat them all up.

There are many ways to make love to someone.  Why not make love to them all over the house in different ways at different times.  Not everyday can be “forest and mountains” and you need some “prairies” tucked in there… but it’s good to keep someone on their toes and keep them guessing.

I’m doing a lousy job at trying to explain her… but she is the most stunning person on the inside and out.  I’m sorry to gush about her but she really made my mind move.

Today is August 2016 and I’m typing this sentence and she is the most magically intense woman sexually that makes you loose your mind and she is someone you just want to please and make her legs shake and quiver  and see if you can take her one notch higher on the ladder.

The memory of her when I surf tumblr just kills me.  That’s why I type “ISYOISMI” under some posts.  I love little hidden meanings.

Every-time I left her I was smiling and shaking my head.  It was nuts.  I was trying to find a post on tumblr that sums up exactly what it’s like to be with her.  Sweet fucking magic.  You don’t want it to stop.  You also want to burn her into my memory and remember the taste of her legs.

This post sums up exactly what it's like to be be with her.

If I had to find a real picture of this that I can share… it would be this:



You have no idea how much I wanted to type and type in this post and add tumblr pictures into this post.

SweetBetty is LMS.  Maybe we will connect again.  Maybe we won’t.  Who knows.

As I type this.  I’m single.

Other women after her can be LMWW or LMIG or LMM or “Little Miss (Something)”

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