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Chill Hop | New Mixes

Thursday, January 10th, 2019


i found myself in the evenings on my way home pushing the button to play my instrumental beats… which i have now renamed “7PM Chillhop Slow Down + The Lovely Happiness“.

the mix above is slow beats that could be labelled that way as “calm” if they could.


i wanted to create more of a chillhop mix that is a bit more upbeat for when you have people over for a mix and mingle.

you can listen on spotify the mingle mix here.

if you want a mix to have a shower with someone you want to kiss… then below is the mix that works.

follow it on spotify so it’s in your collections of saved mixes.  you can find it here.

– – –

You can find me on spotify here.  right now… i have a collection of different public playlists to help with keeping me in a mood or helping me get to a certain mood.  you always need help moving up or down in the mood department.

Spotify | Playlists | 7PM R&B Old School + Playful Kissing

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

You can find me here.


Downloading the MAC or WINDOWS desktop version is sweet.  Easy to listen to music when you are on the computer at home working and surfing.  Spotify is free.  Other blog posts with posts featuring some playlists can be found here.

Music is sexy and so is the vibe to this playlist.  Perfect for the evening in with someone or even by yourself since it’s nice to think about someone you can’t wait to see and kiss.  This mix has a little vintage feel to it and it goes well with a nice bottle of red and some scented candles.



Ziggy Alberts | Concert In Toronto

Friday, September 21st, 2018

a friend at work discovered ziggy from my early morning playlists.  he is from the land down-under and this was his first trip to north america on tour.  we was going to play at the drake but due to selling out they moved it to adelaide hall which i never knew existed.  we went downtown and hit queen west all the way to ossington ave and up oss to dundas and back towards the city…  along the way we hit kensignton market which was having it’s jazz festival so we had dinner and drinks at the supermarket which was nice and walked to adelaide to the venue for the concert.  such a warm day.  the watch said we walked over 20km.  cara from work is heading out west for school… so it would be nice to fly out to visit.

ziggy is a great little artist and he was so good.  the venue was packed and hot inside but it was such a fun concert.

Khruangbin | Pitchfork Live | Sweet Evening Vibes

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live

This band is coming to Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall… which would be a sweet little concert.  I find this band interesting in the chillout vibe it gives.  This little trio from Houston has many worldly influences.  Their first album was Thai inspired from the 60’s and the most recent album released in January of this year is influenced by Spain and the Middle East.  Check out this little website they created that is inspired by vintage air travel that allows you to make a little customized playlist.

So below is a little set that you can play on the big screen and just let the vibe creep into your house.



Khruangbin plays a set accompanied by Drippy Eye Projections for Pitchfork Live.
00:38 Cómo Me Quieres
04:14 Dern Kala
07:45 August 10
12:41 Friday Morning
19:27 August Twelve
24:45 Mr. White
29:26 Two Fish and an Elephant
34:14 White Gloves
37:19 Lady and Man
42:37 Evan Finds the Third Room
48:19 Maria También

Ry X Concert | 2018

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

RY X & Brussels Philharmonic Soloists Live at AB – Ancienne Belgique, 25/02/2018

You can download a mp3 of the concert here and you can import it into Spotify or iTunes or simply save to your computer to play.  Ry X is the playlist for a beautiful night striving for #beautifulagony

While the link still works on YouTube you can hook up the laptop to the TV or use the YouTube app on your smart TV to find this concert and watch one evening to candles and it’s the ultimate concert to give a hour massage.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Brace yourself.


Song of The Quarter | Something About your Love | Mansionair | Q2

Friday, March 30th, 2018


Australian trio Mansionair has just released a brand new single, “Astronaut (Something About Your Love)” and it sounds like something straight out of a Victoria’s Secret ad. It’s seductive, smooth, and definitely worthy of some sort of trailer or commercial.  This song makes me happy and it’s been on repeat.  After a couple of days playing it raps up my feeling going into spring.

Mansionair continues to hone in on their synth-heavy sound with minimalistic verses and a more danceable chorus that bounces into a trance. Produced by the band and mixed by Eric J, it’s distant and somber, yet something about it leaves room for hope. Of the track, producer/guitarist Lachlan Bostock said, “We shoved a microphone deep inside a piano and recorded all the atmospheric noises that came out. Like what I imagined an astronaut felt as if he was looking back at Earth.”


[Verse 1]
Slow down, stepping up my game
Tied to you, try not sink on through the cracks
And maybe I could forget this town
And maybe I should get out

There’s something about your love
Can you feel it, ooh
There’s something about your love
Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can you feel it

Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can you feel it

[Verse 2]
Right now, I’m feeling like a astronaut
I’m fading to the thought of coming back to you
And maybe I should forget this town
And maybe I could get out


There’s something about your love
Can you feel it, ooh
There’s something about your love
Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can you feel it

There’s something about your love
Can you feel it, ooh
There’s something about your love
Can you feel it


If you want to explore the other songs I’ve picked for song of the quarter and year… you can find the posts here.