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Where did June + July Go?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

it’s been a long time since i did my little quarterly update.  life has not been that fun.  it’s been work, sleep and… well… not that much.  why is the summer going way too fast?

my friend shelly has a nice deck and it’s nice to sit out but this summer the mosquitos have been brutal.  i’ve taken myself out to dinner now and then.  nothing wrong with going out alone for dinner or a quiet coffee downtown.  some shots above are from Tim’s cottage north of PTBO which is such a lovely retreat.  planning on spending some time next week at silent lake provincial park and hopefully some time at the cottage before the summer moves into fall.  such a beautiful lake for swimming and just relaxing up at Tim’s cottage…  more about that below on why silent lake and not europe with the kids.

everyone needs good coffee. and so happy I picked up a really great grinder and pour-over set for work or camping.  looking back a little…  casey in toronto for bufferfest was cool.  a little stealth camping to help with work has been nice.  a little ball in the spring and for some reason… i’m not in that great of shape which will change.  played a bit of tennis which has been nice.

did a little bit of shopping for a trip to europe with the kids and a second place last minute camping trip in Ontario.  also picked up some hammocks for camping and camping stealth… which leads into a trip with the kids to explore europe… which failed >  you can view this blog post for more context how this trip attempt #3 was turned down by my ex.  speaking about my ex she is planning a wedding for two weeks from now 😉  can’t be a real one since we are technically still separated… but this “i promise to..” wedding is happening and her dude is a normal nice guy that is nice with my kids so that makes me happy.

Chantal is enjoying the summer working at DQ for the hustle and Noah is in video game land.

love this new little band i found on spotify (Khruangbin)

me and my roomie will find a new place to live in sept and oct since the landlord is selling the house… so new beginnings for both of us.  change helps you i feel… so change is good.


yes what’s stopping me?  WTF.  Something has to change and change it will.  enough typing it or saying it.  in front of me is 302 to 232.  it’s all about tracking everything into my pie hole via the “Lose It” app on my phone/website and also being healthy by going to the gym for cardio, weights and yoga.  being in shape gives me a shot at being attractive to someone.

women are magical.  you should see my private tumblr… which you won’t 😉    who wouldn’t want to go away to italy or anywhere with someone.  life is full of beautiful souls and they keep me up at night wanting to kiss them all   look at my spotify playlists or my “crazy” tumblr and you will have an idea.

i crave many things.  simple is sweet to appreciate once you are in her presence.  she is 3 things.

work.  approaching 4 years in sept.  can feel a change in culture.  need to use my benefits more for little sneak away trips.  today… I was looking into Passenger tickets in LA for Nov 6th and the 3 hour train to San Diego along the coast the next day to see the Paper Kites and fly home with the thought of a sweet woman who can sneak away.  Lufty has turned 15 in YPQ and they held a little party and the company passed out some gifts for getting the fifth star from skytrax.  cool they are the only 5star airline in europe.


well… i will try and update more on a quarterly basis and try and blog more and share.  also time to get going harder on my 101 things to do in a 1001 days.

for a little bio on me… you can find it here.


Enough is Enough | Shed Pounds

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018


my previous post can be found here where I wanted to start a new year off the right way.


I can remember a year ago being around 247 pounds and going into the winter it was creeping up and I went into the 250’s and into the 260’s


The reason was nutrition and food intake alone.  I was some-what active but it was not eating enough calories and eating the wrong types at the wrong times.  I’m a very happy person and very positive but looking back I’ve noticed I’m down in the dumps and not living the life I want to live.  I got a tattoo with the word “enough” to try and make me focus.

it was hard.  i went the other direction.

I signed up for a Gym membership at Fit-4-Less and I’ve even downloaded the “Lose It” app on my phone to track food intake and my smartwatch tracks other stuff with my body.  6 months ago you can see me tracking my food above.  Honestly… I fell off that bandwagon that I started at the beginning of this year.  Maybe lasted 7 weeks.

5 months ago I was 279… making a 20 pound gain in the last 6 months.  I stopped tracking.  WTF!

Since then… I have gone to the gym but not enough.  Plus what you put into your “pie hole” is what’s important and will make it count.

In May… I went to play basketball and you just get such a wake up call.  I kicked some ass on the court… but I could be so much better.  I wanted to play half court and not full court.  I could not run.

So now… back to the gym.  tracking food.  tracking progress.  my roomie is doing the same so that is helpful too.


So here i will start again and to save you from the “before” photo it will post my measurements.  I weigh myself at every gym visit and will post the result into my phone.  I will share them here to be accountable.

Date: August 2nd, 2018

Weight: 302 lbs / Height: 6’1″ / Age: 47 i think 😉

Bicepts: 14.25 inches

Breast: 48 inches

Mid Belly: 51 inches

Waist: 46.5 inches

Thighs: 24 inches

Calf: 17.25 inches

Honest food tracking and the gym routine.  my little yoga app and my Nike Training Club app.  I have gym buddies and the desire to be attractive to “my mind” so I can feel confident to be with someone and be attractive to them.  I have crushes on people.  The world should not be one sided.

Today is day zero.

Weight goal is 232 pounds and be a little swell in the arms and shoulders.  It’s all in my belly and that mutha fucker has got to go!



August 2nd two thousand and eighteen

Quarterly Update | Welcome!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017



summer moves quickly into fall…


September 19th, 2017

this summer has come and gone.  where did it go.  honestly this summer is a blur.  what is happening?  where did it go?  will it come back soon?

my name is dan and this is my little blog that i try and bookmark things, thoughts and moments.  no idea who looks.  it doesn’t really matter really.  this blog is more for me to look back on and use it as a reference point to people when i need to tell a story or highlight something that i bookmarked.


my last post is here in Feb.  all my past little updates are here.  three sweet songs were selected for the songs of the quarter.  “lost in the light” and “black oak“.  the song from bahamas gets me in feels and no comment on NW.

i suck… it’s so hard to pick a song for the 4th quarter and hopefully knocking out this post it will come to me.  my little boo turned 16.  she is so sweet.  i must say that i’ve gone nuts on spotify and have created 44 public playlists for all types of moods.

the cold war is over.  little man has my old phone and boo has a new one.

it was nice to see Dan in a new little unique venue and also listen to some music at the folk fest.  lisbon… let’s try that again in nov with the kids.  it was nice to visit ottawa for a little last minute jaunt.

summer where did you go.  not enough patios, walks, hikes, tennis, hoops, concerts, sunsets and sunrises.  too much work.


33% of my heart goes to little man above and the other 33% goes to boo down below…



too much of you lufty this summer.



not impressed with the effort.  fail.  need to get up and get to it.  more on that soon in another post.




i miss many things.  i can name 9 things.  i will keep that list to myself.

lyrics eat me up.  they do.


too many things to look forward to.  enough with this post.  let’s move forward since this summer didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye properly.

until the next update… i promise to have more to blog about.  promise!



Friday, February 17th, 2017


working for an airline is very interesting and also opens your mind to so many places in the world you can travel to and explore.  our flight discounts are incredible.  the industry is incredibly complex and keeping costs in check are paramount.  we opened a cost centre in manilla and how that plays out will be interesting in how much that will impact our office.  time will tell.

our flight benefits are changing and we will be able to select two people in lieu of our parents that can receive our flight benefits.

this year… i need to use this benefit more and i’m looking forward to planning two trips with each of my kids separately.  i also want to take advantage of some 4 day weekends to line up some smaller trips around north america since we can fly with many other airlines like porter and westjet along with our partners air canada and united airlines.


Is It Spring Yet?

Sunday, February 5th, 2017


February 4th, 2017:

Hello! My name is Dan. This is my little blog that I use to document things, thoughts, photos and videos.  Sort of like a bookmarking parking spot for many things.  Bottom line for 2017 is that I need to blog more with videos, personal photos and ideas.   The little part of the blog that keeps all these little updates can be found here.

Side note… when i type these… sometimes i use capital letters and some times i don’t.  😉  You will have to deal with it.


my last little update was back in october of last year.  now the year has flipped over and a new year is upon us.  my goal is to really make a dent in my 101 Things to do in a 1001 days list.  you can see above that I got a little tattoo.  honestly… nothing fancy or epic.   working on a second one and made a little drawing above (bottom left) that has “C” spelled out as “cee” for my daughter and “en” the the “N” in Noah and a little triangle that represents each point in us since there is are 3 of us now… so that’s disguised as a tree.  no idea if i will use that idea…

i really enjoyed the Banff Film Fest that came into town and can’t wait for next year.

i need to blog more about the kids and document things more.  i’m going to start to make little videos again.  boring ones like before.  kids and myself laugh at them like this little one from our UNO Dare card games.  i’ve also recorded footage with them and we are going to make some little projects together.  one of them will be called “stories”.

also, trying to work on a logo for a while that is hard to hammer out.  kids want to make some t-shirts and hats… so going to get some patches made up and some iron-on logos for some hoodies/sweatshirts and t-shirts.   lol the kids want to sell “merch”.  i don’t want to sell it.  it’s just a personal project.

working on planning a vacation and make use of flight benefits.  i need to sneak away some weekends and explore some cities close by… more on that below.

i’m starting to play more with Spotify and build some playlists for moods.  the songs in my tight rotation now are here.  it’s a small handful of different songs i like for different reasons.  some of them are older and i still am madly in love with them.  it’s great since you can steam on a device or just download the player for the laptop or desktop.  you can find my profile on Spotify here.



i do.  i’m always excited for tomorrow.




working for Lufty and looking forward to some new projects at work coming up over the next 5 months.  with the opening of a new office across the world where the economic climate is so much different than canada will have a huge cost savings.  when a company can pay about 400 month in salary to a person means why pay someone over 2,000.  Sad… because with it comes uncertainty.  i’m sure there will be changes at work and the people that work there are waiting to see what’s up and how things unfold.

with business in today’s world… words today does not mean they hold true in 6 months from now since it’s a business and cost savings are important for sustainable growth.  we will see what happens and you can’t worry about it.


i planned out my vacation at work and I have to make little adjustments to it now.  Chantal will be getting a job with the Town Of Ajax this summer so I need to plan a little trip with her near the end of summer if possible.  maybe during the school year… but not sure if that will fly with the ex.

visiting places to explore is more beneficial than a week of school but i would not want her to fall behind.  with Noah… I think me and him are going to plan a little trip together this summer.  i think portugal and spain… so it looks like we will be planning separate trips with the kids.

they both have Lufty world maps at home so they can see all the places we fly to.

plus… there are changes to our benefits and we can now select two people to enjoy and use our flight benefits.  another thing i need to think about where someone can utilize this awesome perk.


The hardest part with planning anything with the kids is the communication with Karen which is sometimes exists and sometimes not.  I have ways to communicate with them now that she does not know about which are great.  I just want to be able to have her not mess up vacations anymore.



Gym.  I’m going.  I’m just starting to ramp up things a little.  At first you are shocking your body and it starts to protect itself and it’s starting to let go.  It’s starting to understand a new routine.  I’m trying to increase my water intake by a ton… so it’s starting to understand the new “normal” is lots of water going in and instead of holding on to it… it’s letting it go.  I’m at the point that I’m going to start lifting weights and I’ve been researching and trying to make a fitness program.  Researching is a bitch.  So many things online and I’m at the point that I’m trying to be more comfortable at the gym with the machines and also the free weights.

My goal to get to 220 will be easy and hard.  Easy to get down to 240 with some effort.  Going down to 220 will be harder.  I’m also starting to play basketball which is nice to run up and down the courts.  I’m also trying to overhaul my food choices and also when I eat during the day.  Hence… the tattoo on my wrist that I can see everyday.

When I get to 220… I will go for 200 and see what that takes me.  It’s not the number anyways since muscle weighs more… I guess it’s how you look naked.  Don’t ask right now.



love my mind.  love my “wants” and what excites me.  with heath comes confidence.  you have no idea how my mind works… and the struggle is real with what I want.

That’s why I have two other tumblrs.  2017 is about sorting out some things and also moving so after that… i can focus on the hunger to be with someone.


Thanks for hitting the blog!  Sorry for the ass grabs at the bottom here in the post.  Life is worth living and you have to live your life and go after what you want to have the opportunity to get it.  

If you get a chance to touch it… grab it.  hold on tight and kiss the hell out of it.  claim it.

Until the next update…

Cheers! Dan

A New Year

Saturday, December 31st, 2016



In Fall of 2011, I decided to come up with 101 Things to do in 1001 days.  Which is a whack of days.  My life is different from that point and my 1,001 days expired.  I’ve created a new list of things with some from the past list.  The date I started this list was August 8th, 2016.  I really have done nothing to my list and this has to change… so might as well post it here.  I created some reminders to pop up in my phone to remind me to get my ass in gear.

I will update some blog posts that were already created for the tasks that are in progress and I’ll update them with current updates.

101 things can be really small things and some of them could be some larger things.  Not 100% sure if I can get all of them done.  But I promised myself I will try.  Some things are for me and some are for my kids.

I will try and blog them all in progress and once they are completed.


<<<<This is just the list.  Updated list in the pulldown menu above.>>>>

  1. Have my IMDb Watch-list get down to under 300 movies and have my rated movies end up being over 400. 
  2. Winter Camping with my kids and stay in a Yurt at Silent Lake Provincial Park.
  3. Volunteer consistently over the period of this project for a good cause.  I was working in a Men’s Shelter and I need to continue with that or move to another charity or better yet… do both.
  4. Post on Tumblr one picture each day of something that I’m grateful for and appreciate.
  5. Purchase and read one book per month for 6 months in a row.  Start again if broken before 6 months is up.
  6. Back-Country Camping Trip with a woman, canoe and a small tent.
  7. Install a “Before I Die” Wall somewhere in Peterborough or Ajax.
  8. Finish the photo-project Blog on that cover my entire life and family tree.
  9. Redesign the “Lie With Me” Mixtape and the “All I Want” Series.
  10. Transfer all my Music CD’s Into the Laptop & delete crappy songs.  Also sort all my music on iTunes
  11. Photography & Culture Weekend in NYC.  Overnight Bus Trip/Flight & sleep all night to arrive in the Morning.  (Alone or with friends)
  12. Quick trip to NYC where I leave Toronto in the evening and arrive in NYC in the morning and bring a small tent and a sleeping bag.  Just sneak away by myself.
  13. Weekend in Chicago, IL in the summer to travel around the city.
  14. Break ground and order a trailer that my Tiny House will be built upon.
  15. Push my ex to sign an official separation agreement or take her to court for one.
  16. Get a new template for this blog.
  17. Spend a weekend in Toronto at The Thompson Hotel with a woman I want to kiss.
  18. Get my iPod screen fixed on my second iPod.
  19. Get Chantal an iPhone.
  20. Find someone to fall in love with.
  21. Fall Camping Trip at Bon Echo Provincial Park with the kids.
  22. Take Noah out of school for the day and take him to a Blue Jay game with me.
  23. Purchase a new Professional Camera Lens for my camera that would work well for low lighting
  24. Rent a houseboat from Egan Rentals for a weekend in the Kwaratha Lakes to have a blast with the kids and see if any of my buddies & their families want to do the same and we can caravan along the lakes together.  Rent a Houseboat that has a slide from the roof to swim in the middle of the lake.
  25. Get old photos from my Dad and make my own photo album of our family growing up in a coffee table format.  Make the book through
  26. Go Camping with my kids to Killbear Provincial Park in Northern Ontario with Raymond.
  27. Attend the Canadian Rogers Tennis Tourney with a paid ticket in Toronto at York University.
  28. Visit KLand in California
  29. Completed:  Purchase a Go Pro Camera.  (And I gifted it to my daughter)
  30. Attend a High School Basketball Game of my Old High School
  31. Recover data from my first external hard drive.
  32. Drive to Atlantic City, New Jersey in Shorts, T-Shirt and Flip Flops and my wallet and stay for the weekend. (Bring Nothing Else)
  33. Get a Tattoo
  34. Take my kids to Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt.
  35. Purchase a Canon Point & Shoot Camera to Snap good photos but more importantly video on the fly.
  36. Purchase $200 worth of Toys from Walmart and donate them to the Chum Christmas Wish at Christmas and involve my kids.  Let them pick them out and deliver it with me.
  37. Teach my daughter how to take photographs with my old camera and then give it to her to keep and use.
  38. Get a bunch of High School Buddies and play Paintball outside at that paintball place north of Barrie.
  39. Go away White Water Rafting near Ottawa for the weekend.
  40. Attend a Buffalo Bills Football game in Buffalo in the Winter (Bus Trip Package from Union Station in Toronto that includes food and drinks during the tailgate party)
  41. Take my kids to a car race at Mosport Raceway in Bowmanville, ON for a weekend camping trip.
  42. Go Skinny dripping with a woman at night.
  43. Complete two years straight of my One Second Everyday Project.
  44. Work with my kids and get them their own domain for email and help them set up a blog if they want one.
  45. Spend a weekend at Osheaga in Quebec with a women.
  46. Attend & see 5 Movies in the span of 5 days.
  47. Join Volleyball league.
  48. Take my kids to a Toronto FC Game.
  49. Buy myself a Long Board.
  50. Attend a tennis match a the Rogers Cup in Montreal.
  51. Jump off a bridge into water high enough that I’m a little freaked out to jump off.
  52. Purchase a new laptop.
  53. Watch a Toronto Blue Jays game outside of Toronto.
  54. Attend a Toronto Raptors Road game in Detroit with Elite Sports Tours.
  55. In Progress:  Update my legacy project videos for the kids that they will get during different milestones within their lives if something should ever happen to me.
  56. Get a credit card with a points/reward system that works for my life and get rid of the one I have now.
  57. Get down to 220 pounds.
  58. Find a job in Durham/Toronto so I can move closer to my kids.
  59. Purchase a Turf Concert Weekend pass for Toronto at Fort York.
  60. Have the shell of my Tiny House competed so I can live inside while I finish it.
  61. Get a second Tattoo.
  62. Purchase a new vehicle and get rid of the car I have now sitting in Pickering.
  63. Attend Cask Days Festival in Toronto.
  64. Try inline skating for the first time.
  65. Ice Skating with a women at Cedarena in the winter.
  66. Attend a concert with Chantal.
  67. Join a Tennis Club & Beat Ali at 3 Sets in Tennis
  68. Watch the full series of “THE WIRE” which as a highly recommended HBO Series.
  69. Catch up online with 50 peeps on FB that I have not been in contact with since the last time I’ve seen them personally or we connected on FB.
  70. Go Kayaking.  I smile when I type this because of the private back-story about Kayaking.
  71. Purchase a parachute hammock for backpackers.
  72. Get up to 70 trees planted with TenTree.
  73. Complete 100 loans with KIVA and have the total loans by people I’ve invited to Kiva pass 150 loans.  Will you help me?  (Blog Post)
  74. Be able to do 25 push-ups
  75. Try water skiing for the first time in my life
  76. Go on a road-trip where you drive 5 hours north somewhere.
  77. Update my estate planning package & instructions for my executor.
  78. Hike Mt. Washington with Chantal.
  79. Be able to jump and hang on a regulation height basketball rim with both hands.  In Grade 12, I could jump with one step in desert boots and hang on.  It feels so far away right now.
  80. Go and see 30 bands play live
  81. Give blood 2 times a month for 8 months in a row.
  82. Have a candlelit dinner on the living room floor with someone.
  83. Give a 100% tip to someone what provides excellent service.
  84. Run my first 10k marathon.
  85. Pay for someone’s groceries.
  86. Take Nose out to dinner.
  87. Donate $10 to charity for every 101 thing I don’t complete in the 1001 days.
  88. Hit 33 straight free throws.
  89. Have a nerf gun war with the kids that can be called “epic” afterwards.
  90. Stay with someone using Couchsurfing.
  91. Spend an entire day without vision (be blind).
  92. Design two logo’s for a hat and something for a t-shirt or hoody and make some for myself.
  93. Purchase another bottle of Theirry Mulger – Angel.
  94. Spend a weekend at the Breakers in Cobourg, ON
  95. Visit Mt. Tremblant in Quebec City in the Winter.
  96. Think of one for here.
  97. Go to an event that I have to wear a Tux
  98. Take my kids on vacation to Europe.
  99. Hike 21km section of the Bruce Trail through Bruce Peninsula National Park w/the kids.
  100. Think of one for here
  101. Create my 4th list once this one is completed.