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Document Life | A Phone + Some Time

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

tumblr_mj7d13M9NG1rkbry3o1_500Yesterday… I posted a video by Cameron Christopher that is a little video of the first half of 2014. This morning I watched his 2013 year in review mix.  So sweet.  It’s really easy when you think about it.  You have an iPhone or a new iPod with iMovie and you just shoot footage.  Maybe every 3 days or so…you take the footage and trim what you like and mash it up and then take it off your phone to your laptop and stick it in a folder.

You collect these little mashups and then blend them back to back to back in iMovie and slap a song on it and you have something magical that you and your family & close friends can share.

This stuff inspires me.  It’s videos like this that inspires me to make my little “One Second Everyday” Videos that you can view from the pulldown menu above.

Memory Bank 2013 from Cameron Christopher on Vimeo.

This year was so good. I’m sure there were bad days but I can hardly remember them. To exceptional friends, good vibes, and lightness. ❤ Music: Avalanche by Blackbird, Blackbird

#42 of 101 | You Can Never Get Old | RoadTrips + Dips

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

tumblr_mucouhQnU01qeqfrto1_500happening hopefully soon.  this has been on my private bucket list since 2014.


on my private bucket-list…  the perfect place is right here…  hands down.

1-Google Maps - Mozilla Firefox 23032014 12143 PM

i did have a brief dip with a lovely woman one summer afternoon at her cottage.  One where you take off your suit underwater.  I want the undressing to happen at night before we go in to count.  This one was on my private bucket list but it’s made it’s way to the main list.

Foster Huntington | His Toyota Camper | Van Life

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014



A year ago, I started fantasizing about campers other than my VW Syncro.  It felt adulterous. I had been living in it for a year and half at this point and the cost of maintenance was catching up to me.   Syncro’s are pretty amazing vans.  Mine had an Audi engine, front and rear locking differentials and could go any where I wanted it.  The problem was reliability.   Only 300o were ever imported to the US, and very few people know how to work on them.  Many times a minor break down such as a fuel pump or a starter turned into a week long search for a mechanic that was willing to work on it let a lone had access to the right parts.  My van was made in 1987 and had 292 miles on it when I bought it.  With the right maintenance,  It will keep working forever,  but my regiment of 40k miles per year were wearing on the car.  From afar, VW van’s are very romantic.  Living in one is a totally different story.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good alternatives to a Syncro in terms of capability, size and efficiently.  Sportsmobile’s weigh twice as much and cost between $50-100k.  Depending on the, year there are problems with the Diesel engines and the MPG are hard to swallow.  Eurovans are plagued with electronic issues and never come in 4wd.  A full size truck and camper is way to big. I wanted something, I could parallel park in a city and make my way around narrow forest service roads. Eventually, I settled on a Toyota Tacoma and a poptop camper.

Go to a remote area for an activity like surfing, snowboarding or climbing and you’ll likely see a Toyota truck with a pop top camper.  Unlike a rare German 4×4, the parts are ubiquitous and any garage in the world can work on them.   Sure they aren’t as “c00l” as a VW, but one break down in the Mojave desert cured me with my fixation of how cool my Syncro was.

After doing a bunch of research on forums like Wander the West and The Expedition Portal, I focused my attention on a Four Wheel PopTop camper.  All though not the fanciest,  they have been making campers for 40 years and have a cult following of people that use theirs in harsh situations.  To maximize usable space,  I decided to remove the stock bed and put an aluminum flatbed on the truck.  This would allow for the side entry I loved about my van, as well as a lower center of gravity and increased storage around the wheel wells.   On a tip from a friend,  I got in touch with AT Overland in Prescott, Arizona and they helped design, source parts and work with Four Wheel to build the camper.  The whole process from conception of the idea to delivery of the finished product in Prescott took eight months.

The ruberized canvas walls have an insulative layer that helps with condensation and keeps the camper warm in cold temperatures.

The camper is based off of a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab.  The truck has a V6, six speed manual and the off road package.  I upgraded the truck with a 2-inch lift from Old Man Emu, an ARB Bumper, Warn Winch,  Airflow Snorkel, Firestone airbags in the back and a custom rear leaf set up from Deaver in Orange County.

Parked in Baja on the campers maiden voyage last summer.

When popped, the bed slides out to roughly the size of a Kingsize.

Extra fuel storage and some badges of honor from the road. Between the fuel cans are two Max Trax for putting under the tires in sticky situations.

AT Overland fabricated 4 Lockable aluminum boxes under the flatbed for extra storage room.

A 20,000 BTU furnace keeps me the camper warm during cold nights.  This opened up a ton of possibilities for me.

Compared, to my Syncro, the Four Wheel Camper feels like a Four Seasons.  It has an electric fridge (powered by two marine batteries and 160w panel) a two burner stove (two 10 pound cylinders) a furnace (runs off the propane and 20 gallons of freshwater and an outdoor shower.

This month marks the two and half year mark for living out of my vehicle.  It’s flown by.  My initial plan to spend a year on the road has morphed into a way of life.  I love living out of a small space.  It forces me to limit my possessions and conscious of the mess I make.  Instead of buying something when I’m bored,  I travel to a new place.  My new camper gives me piece of mind to continue my travels .  I’m hoping to have it for twenty years.

Here are some more links,

Gone Tomorrow (Ian Durkin),

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Four Wheel Campers.

Starbucks + Magazines @ Chapters = Love

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


It’s nice to go to Chapters and order a Bucketinti from Starbucks + use the card and earn a star + then look at all the free Magazines sitting on the ledge by the window.  It’s a nice thing to do on a weekend.

Tall Vanilla Blonde’s and better than Short Stubborn Gingers.

Little Lake Music Festival | Peterborough | Free Outdoor Summer Concerts

Thursday, July 18th, 2013


Last night “Walk Off The Earth” played a free concert in a little park in Peterborough to about 12,000 people.  These concerts happen each Wed + Sat.  It runs from June 29th to August 24th from 8 to 10pm.  Check the website to find the type of music that you feel like bringing a blanket or a camping chair to sit and listen.

Website with the line-up is here.


Another thing to make a yearly reminder each May to check out the line up for the year and add reminders to the dates you want to save.  Might check out Sloan on the weekend.

New Year’s Day Hike | Warsaw Caves | Limestone Plain Trail | 4km

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Had the opportunity to get back up north and go hiking on New Year’s Day.  Went to Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and hit the snow covered Limestone Plain Trail.  It was a nice walk with some music playing in my ears.  The trail is really nice.  I didn’t hit the caves, but plan to return with the kids in the summer and go caving with our headlamps.








This year… my goal is to go hiking more and get out and explore.